CEO Treats Employees & Their Families To Disney World & Coldplay Concert. Boss, You Reading This?

by Tooba Shaikh
CEO Treats Employees & Their Families To Disney World & Coldplay Concert. Boss, You Reading This?

If you’re a CEO and have received this article from an employee of yours, take this as a hint.

While we are waiting for bonuses and appraisal cycles that take ages, we have a piece of news that is sure to colour you green with jealousy. Michael Scott has some competition for the title of the World’s Best Boss, because whose CEO treats employees with an all-expense-paid vacation to Disney World? We have the answer.

CEO Treats Employees With A Paid Vacation To Disney

Citadel Securities, the famous trading firm and hedge fund company, recently celebrated its 20th Anniversary. To celebrate this milestone and the end of another profitable year, its billionaire founder and CEO Kenneth C Griffin rented the entirety of Disney World exclusively for 10,000 Citadel employees and their families. This generous vacation is all-expense-paid and will last a full three days. This means that everything from flight fares to hotel stays and food was paid for by Griffin. The food was delectable, varying from sushi and paella to delicious lamb chops. What a way to boost company morale!

CEO treats employees
Pic Credits: Pxhere

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Coldplay, Carly, And More

If this wasn’t enough to make you feel jealous, we have more! Not only did Griffin hire Disney World for his employees, but he also hired musicians like Coldplay, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Diplo to play at the DJ Decks. It’s party time for Citadel employees! This shows that Griffin truly believes in working hard and playing harder!

CEO treats employees
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Boss, if you’re reading this, we’d even settle for Himesh Reshammiya if you take us to Disneyland. 

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