70-Year-Old Chaiwala From Delhi With Broken Back & Fractured Hand Needs Help

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 1045

If there truly was a wishing lamp that grants all your wishes, well it’s got to be social media. During the pandemic, street vendors from all across India sought the help of social media to create awareness about their plight due to the coronavirus induced lockdown. Delhi’s Baba Da Dhaba witnessed huge crowds of people after the owners’ video went viral overnight. And that was just the beginning. Well netizens, we have here a heartwrenching story of a 70-year-old chaiwala and his wife from Dwarka in Delhi. Baba’s alcoholic son beat him and fractured his hand. While his son-in-law mercilessly abused him and broke his back. This elderly couple selling tea in Dwarka really need your help. Read on to know more about them.

Elderly Couple Selling Tea In Delhi’s Dwarka Have A Tragic Story

Delhi food blogger Vishal Sharma, shared a video of a 70-year-old couple selling tea by the road in Dwarka on his Instagram handle @foodyvishal. The elderly couple sells tea for ₹10 at Vishal’s neighbourhood. Baba and Amma currently struggle to make ends meet due to the coronavirus pandemic. In the video, Baba tells Vishal that his alcoholic son bet him badly and fractured his hand. Amma states that their son-in-law broke Baba’s back.  Their own son threw the elderly couple out of their home. Baba and Amma get teary-eyed while sharing their story.

70-Year-Old Baba’s Alcoholic Son Beat Him Badly; Has Broken Back & Fractured Hand

The 70-year-old chaiwala’s disjointed hand, broken back and their ill-treatment, is truly saddening. You’ll find the elderly couple perched near Sector 13, Dwarka, New Delhi. They sell piping hot tea for just  ₹10. Earlier they sold corn for a month. Later with their daughter’s help, they set up a tea stall near Subhash Apartment in Dwarka’s Phase 1, Pocket 1. Vishal Sharma helped the couple to set up their shop. He bought them packets of chips, peanuts and risk.

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Viral Video Requests Netizens To Help This Elderly Tea Selling Couple

The elderly couple thank the blogger for bringing them milk and tea leaves to prepare tea. In the video, Vishal helps the couple by also giving them ration, sanitiser and vrat ka khana. He also gave the Baba and Amma ₹10,000 to support them. A grateful Amma, calls him “beta” for helping them sincerely during their dire times. In his video, Vishal calls upon doctors to cure Baba’s fractured hand and broken back. He urges Delhiites to visit their humble tea-stall and support them. Netizens poured love and support for Amma and Baba. Many enquired about putting up a stall for them to protect them against the upcoming chilly winter.

Picture Credits: Instagram/ Vishal Sharma

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Well, netizens Amma and Baba reside at Phase-1, Pocket-1, Sector-13, Dwarka, Delhi, 110078. Do visit them and shower them with lots of love and support. Meanwhile, here’s a video about the plight of other Delhi street vendors amid this pandemic. Support street vendors in your neighbourhood.

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