Chennai Airport Goes Green, Uses Renewable Energy To Reduce Carbon Footprint

by Shreya Rathod
Chennai Airport Goes Green, Uses Renewable Energy To Reduce Carbon Footprint

Renewable sources of energy are limited and result in a massive amount of carbon emissions. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to switch towards renewable sources of energy like solar, wind, etc. Chennai Airport has taken an important step towards this direction by using solar energy. Here’s everything you need to know about this beneficial decision of Chennai Airport.

Chennai Airport Uses Renewable Energy!

The Chennai Airport serves around 20 million passengers annually and is now entirely powered by renewable energy. This was accomplished last month when renewable energy usage increased from 50 per cent. Even the runway and taxiway lighting are powered by solar energy.

According to a Times Of India report, the majority (59 per cent) of the electrical energy used by Chennai Airport is solar energy. This is obtained through third-party power purchases. While 3 per cent is supplied by a 1.5 MWp rooftop solar plant located on-site and the remaining 38 per cent is obtained through Tangedco under green pricing. This is a step in the facility’s effort to become completely energy efficient.

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Power Consumption Of The Airport

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The airport utilises 63,92,675 kWh per month on average. LED lights were installed in place of the terminal fittings. When the airport began using power from rooftop solar panels installed on the terminal buildings two years ago, it was able to use 50 per cent renewable energy.

The airport reduced carbon emissions by 2,200 tonnes annually. In fact, they  energy savings of ₹10 crores through the usage of solar power by utilising solar energy at the terminals, LED lighting, and efficient air conditioning.

The air conditioning is being used effectively and the lighting has been upgraded to LED. According to a representative, the recently inaugurated new integrated terminal has a green grade because of how energy-efficient it is built.

Although a tender was floated, the AAI’s plan to put solar panels on the property on the airport complex did not materialise right away. It was also discussed if the panels’ ability to reflect sunlight might interfere with flight operations. The government decided to pursue other possibilities, such as buying solar energy from a third party.

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Given the location of available land parcels, the airport may decide to install solar panels.

Cover Image Courtesy: Chennai (MAA) Airport/ Twitter