CT Quickies: From Srinagar’s Drop And Go Facility To Ministry Of Health’s Advisory, Here Are 6 Important News Updates For You!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
CT Quickies: From Srinagar’s Drop And Go Facility To Ministry Of Health’s Advisory, Here Are 6 Important News Updates For You!

We are all stuck in the hustle and bustle of everyday life so much that we barely get time to read or watch the news. The only news that our eyes meet is what randomly comes on our social media feed, which is not enough to keep us updated. Well, do not worry at all! We at CT identified this and hence have come up with CT Quickies that can quickly, in one read, keep you updated with all the important news around you. 

CT Quickies: News Updates For Today

1. Srinagar Airport Launches Drop And Go Facility

With an aim to enhance passengers’ experience and convenience as well as reduce waiting time, Srinagar airport has launched a new facility. The Drop and Go facility lets passengers leave their vehicles at the drop gate, where they will go through a quick baggage screening process using X-ray technology. Following the screening, passengers can board the newly introduced eco-friendly battery-powered e-carts stationed at the drop gate, according to officials.

2. Book a Longer Stay In Bhutan And Save Money

Bhutan’s Department of Tourism came up with a new incentive for all travellers. According to this, if you pay Sustainable Development Fees in Bhutan for the first four days of your visit, you get the next four days without paying these fees. The ones who pay for 12 days will get to stay for 18 more days without paying the fees. The new incentive is effective June 1. 

3. These Villages In Himachal Pradesh Will Be Developed Under Vibrant Village Programme

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Chitkul,  Leo, Nako, Pooh, and Chango are the five villages in Himachal Pradesh’s Kinnaur district, that will be developed as part of the Vibrant Village Programme. This initiative is a federally funded programme that aims to improve infrastructure in the northern border regions and provide modern amenities on par with cities. The Central Public Sector Undertaking (CPSU) will in particular support Chitkul village. 

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4. Travel The World With Disney And Get Paid 


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Disney is actually hiring staff to work on their luxury cruise ships, with many vacancies. They have many positions to offer, like youth activities counsellors, dining room servers, and entertainment technicians. As a staff member on the cruise ships, you will get to sail places like Europe, Alaska, Hawaii, the Bahamas, and the Caribbean. The salary begins at £1,872 (₹1,94,010) which varies based on the position. 

5. Ministry OF Health Releases Advisory To Beat The Heat

India’s Ministry of Health has tweeted some food-related precautions for people to beat the heat. These food-related precautions help people stay protected from heat-related illnesses. According to the advisory, to avoid losing more body fluid, one must avoid alcohol and carbonated drinks. One must also avoid high protein foods and stale food.

6. Thousands Throng To Hyderabad To Receive Popular Fish Prasadam

Numerous patients and attendees came to Hyderabad for the “Fish Prasadam” event to receive the fish medication. For more than a century, the Bathini Harinath Goud family has been serving “fish prasadam” on the day of “Mrigasira Karthi.” A live Murrel fish is included in a herbal paste known as “fish prasadam.” It is thought to have therapeutic qualities and can treat conditions of the lungs like bronchitis and asthma.

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