Delhiites, Brace For A Heat Wave As Temperatures Touch 44 Degrees

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Delhiites, Brace For A Heat Wave As Temperatures Touch 44 Degrees

This summer the sun has been enough cruel to so many parts of India. But it seems like it did not have enough. A yellow alert as a warning of a fresh heatwave spell has been issued by the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) in Delhi. The department said that the temperatures might soar to about 44 degrees celsius by Wednesday. 

No Relief Till 15th May

Across eastern Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra‘s Vidarbha region, a trough stretches from parts of Haryana to the south peninsula. Due to the dry and hot western winds, temperatures in Vidarbha, Gujrat and Rajasthan may take a leap to 46-47 degrees celsius. Weather experts say that the heatwave spell will continue till the 15th of May as the mitigating weather system is not likely to affect northwest India for a week. 

Pic Credits : Forbes

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Easterly Winds To The Rescue

The temperature won’t rise dramatically in most parts of Delhi as easterly winds are prevailing in the region due to Cyclone Asani over the Bay of Bengal; however, the increase in humidity will cause discomfort. Without the easterly winds, the temperatures would have soared to 46 or 47 degrees celsius. In the north of the trough, easterly winds prevail while westerlies prevail in the south.

On 9th May, Delhi’s base station, Safdarjung observatory recorded a maximum temperature of 40 degrees celsius which was above normal this year. 

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