Dine At Two Metres Distance In Restaurants Even While Seated On The Same Table; Urges Dubai Municipality

Dubai Municipality
by Yogita Chainani
by Yogita Chainani 28

Covid-19 cases are again rising in the UAE. To ensure public safety, the government is requesting citizens to follow all the protocols. In a series of updates, Dubai Municipality and the Food Safety Department have issued a draft circular to restaurants in Dubai, which states that the distance between each chair should be two metres. The new rule asserts that all customers, unless from the same family, should maintain two metres distance between each other. 

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Dubai Municipality Also Advices To Install Acrylic Barriers Between Tables

About the same, Dubai Municipality will issue further clarification in a few days. This new rule doesn’t apply to the diners from the same family. However, the statement also declares that there should be no crowding at the restaurant. Restaurants further have been advised to install acrylic barriers between tables to make sure that everyone is following social distancing. Barriers are required on tables between every five customers, depending on whether customers are from the same family or not. The requirements suggest that barriers shouldn’t be fancy. They must have a plain surface that is easy to clean and disinfect.

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All The Customers Are Requested To Avoid Crowding And To Maintain Sanitary Conditions

Dubai Municipality’s rules also state that guests should maintain a two-metre distance unless they are separated by a physical barrier. It will help prevent the spread of droplets from one person to another. Customers are also required to maintain sanitary conditions. Wearing masks in a restaurant again should be followed by people.

In a bid to curb the covid-19 cases in the country, the authorities also urged people who have come in contact with a confirmed Covid-19 case to self-isolate at home for 14 days. Even if you receive a negative test result soon after coming into contact with an infected person, you are now asked to self-quarantine for the full 14 days, to account for the two-week incubation period.

Cases are on a rise, and the new measures will ensure the cases decrease, without choosing the option of lockdown again.

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