Domestic Air Travel Gets Costlier; Government Hikes Fare Limits By Up To 13%

by Tania Tarafdar
Domestic Air Travel Gets Costlier; Government Hikes Fare Limits By Up To 13%

Get ready to pay more for your domestic flight journeys as the Civil Aviation Ministry has hiked the upper and lower limits of domestic airfares by 9.83% to 12.82%. As per the order released on August 12, 2021, for flights with a duration of less than 40 minutes, the lower limit has been increased from ₹2,600 to ₹2,900 ( 11.53% hike). The upper limit for the same has been raised to ₹8,800 ( 12.82%) hike. For flights with 40-60 minutes duration, the lower limit has been increased from ₹3300 to ₹3700. The upper cap for the same has been raised to ₹11,000. For flights with 60-90 minutes duration, the lower limit and upper limit have been increased to ₹4,500 and ₹13,200. For flights with 90-120, 120-150, 150-180 and 180-210 minute durations, the lower caps will be ₹5,300,₹6,700, ₹8,300 and ₹9,800.

Amid Second Wave, Domestic Passenger Count Had Dropped Below One Lakh For First Time In Six Months

Domestic airline companies had seen a sharp cut in their seat capacities and also witnessed fewer passenger after the surge in COVID-19 cases during the second wave. According to the Aviation Ministry report, India had drastically cut down its number of monthly seats. The data showed that the daily domestic passengers fell below one lakh for the first time in over six months.

Airlines Reduced Their Flying Schedules Across Popular Routings

Airlines had reduced their flying schedules and frequencies across popular routings. People were only travelling for work, while those who had planned vacations either cancelled or deferred their trips due to the second Covid-19 wave. Amid a drop in demand, even the last-minute airfares had gone down by 10-15%. Airports & Airlines Ease Commute During Second Wave; Healthy People May Skip RT-PCR Test For Domestic Travel

Tighter Travel Curbs Have Brought Domestic Travel To An All-Time Low

Besides, most states have made RT-PCR tests mandatory which is preventing people from travelling. For example, states like West Bengal, Maharashtra, and Karnataka are insisting on negative RT PCR tests for travellers. This has dampened the sentiment of passengers. Also, many states have mandated home quarantine for passengers travelling from certain states. While last-minute bookings are not taking place, inbound loads have dropped to cities where RT-PCR tests are mandatory. Need To Travel Abroad Amid International Flight Bans? Here’re The Options

People Are Cancelling Pre-Planned Trips

Sources at Mumbai airport said that the seat occupancy has declined from around 70% to 72% to 60 to 64% in the last three-four days as passengers are postponing or canceling trips. States like Maharashtra, Karnataka and Delhi are critical hubs of India’s aviation market and travel has taken a backseat in these states.

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Ras Al Khaimah Airport

India’s air passenger traffic, adversely impacted by the pandemic, is expected to rebound in the next fiscal year. Although experts say that it will widely lag the levels seen in FY2016.