Eating Non-Veg Food DOES NOT Result In Coronavirus Infections: Myths Busted By AIIMS Director

by Tonakshi Kalra
Eating Non-Veg Food DOES NOT Result In Coronavirus Infections: Myths Busted By AIIMS Director

Coronavirus, which is now officially being called COVID-19 is an entirely new disease for us all. The virus started from Wuhan, based in China and is now spreading. Since it’s growing at such an alarming rate, people are making assumptions about  what to eat and what not to; or what to wear and what not to. AIIMS Director, Dr Randeep Guleria has dismissed many claims like the one that the intensity of coronavirus would taper down and vanish with hot weather. He also busted some more myths that people have been believing since days now. Let’s check it out.

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Eating Non-Veg Or Eggs Can Infect You With The Virus

Coronavirus is a viral disease that came from animal species to humans and now, it’s spreading from human to human. Many people have been believing that consumption of non-vegetarian food, eggs can cause this infection. Dr Randeep Guleria was reported as saying that there’s no truth to it. It spreads mainly from person to person and eating non-vegetarian food and eggs do not cause coronavirus infections.

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He also added, “As common healthcare precaution, all kinds of meat should be thoroughly, carefully washed and properly cooked“.

Hot Weather Vanishes The Virus

Besides this, he also dismissed claims that the virus will vanish away with the temperatures going up. ‘The impact of the virus is as serious in hot-humid weather conditions of Singapore as in the colder environment of European countries,’ he was reported as saying. So this is not true that as soon as the temperature starts reaching 30-40 degrees, coronavirus will also be gone.

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Alcohol Kills Coronavirus

One of the myths also include that consumption of alcohol will treat coronavirus. Many whatsapp forwards are claiming that alcohol kills the virus but Dr Randeep Guleria said that there’s no evidence to support that yet and it’s all just rumours.

Wearing Masks Everywhere

The first precaution that we all started taking was wearing masks. We all have been wearing it wherever we go. But Dr Guleria has clearly said that we don’t really need to wear a mask at all times. He added that if you have cough or cold and you think that you can spread the infection to others, then it’s worthwhile to wear it, even then a surgical mask is enough. The N95 masks are meant to be used by healthcare professionals only like the doctors treating the coronavirus infected patients as they come in close contact with them on regular basis.

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Herbs Prevents Coronavirus

The AIIMS Director also said that consumption of clove (laung) and other herbs does not offer any guarantee against coronavirus infection. Therefore, these claims don’t seem to be true.

Dr’s Advice During Coronavirus

The only advice that Dr Guleria wants to give people is that wash your hands thoroughly and frequently with soap to avoid such infection. You can use sanitizers in case you don’t have soap at the moment. Also, social distancing is important. As the early symptoms are cough, cold and fever, therefore, it’s crucial to keep a distance from anyone who has it.

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At this time, we should not create panic and most importantly, believe in any forwarded whatsapp messages. The only thing that we should do is to maintain personal hygiene and stay indoors as much as possible, that’s how we can fight coronavirus.