Emirates Airline To Cut Up To 9,000 Jobs

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Emirates Airline To Cut Up To 9,000 Jobs

Emirates’ president Tim Clark said in a report to Gulf News that the airline would cut up to 15%  jobs. Over a tenth of its workforce has been cut due to the pandemic, resulting in over 9,000 people losing their jobs. Middle East’s largest carrier suspended flights in March, when the pandemic broke open. However, going by the latest update, Emirates plans to fly across 58 destination by mid August. This number has been dropped down from 157, pre-crisis. Read more here on the Pandemic’s Effect On Tourism Sector.

Tim Clark further added that it could up to four years for the airline to return to some degree of normality. Emirates has been laying off employees, as recently as last week, but the numbers haven’t been disclosed. Before the pandemic took over, Emirates employed some 60,000 staff, including 4,300 pilots and nearly 22,000 cabin crew, according to reports.

Pilots Who Fly Airbus Planes Are Being Laid Off

About 700 pilots were given redundancy notices in the past week, which means the airline is set to let go at least 1,200 employees. The cuts have been focussed on those who fly Airbus planes, rather than Boeing aircraft. This is because the Airbus planes have a 500+ capacity, whereas Boeing 777s carry a smaller number of passengers, making it more appropriate to operate during this period of reduced travel.

The airline added that it had already laid off a tenth of their workforce, and the number could account to up to 15%. As per the International Air Transport Association (IATA) the airline industry is set to bear a net loss of more than $84 billion this year. This has, by far been the biggest in the industry’s history.

Meanwhile, Emirates Refunds AED 1.9 Billion To Passengers In Two Months and also announced Mandatory Covid Negative Certificate For Travellers From 10 Countries.

Further Cuts In Other Airlines

1. United Airlines

United Airlines, one of the biggest in the US, has also warned its staff that it may have to cut 36,000 staff due to the huge drop in the demand for air travel. However, the US aviation unions are expected to receive a $25bn bailout package. In order to receive the state help, airlines have to protect jobs until the end of September.

2. Air Asia

Reports suggest that AirAsia may lay off up to 30% of its workforce across operations. Besides, the company is also planning a 75% salary cut, after a 20% cut that was rolled out in April.

3. Air Arabia

The Sharjah-based airline laid off more than 57 e employees in May, as per reports. The latest job cuts were the last option, after the airlines resorted to a series of ways to protect their employees.

4. Air Canada

Air Canada said they would lay off up to 60% of their employees due to the pandemic. Over 15,200 unionized workers and 1300 managers came along with a drastically reduced flight capacity from the Canadian carrier.


5. British Airways

As per reports, BBC News had reported on April 1 that IAG-owned British Airways is expected to announce suspension of 36,000 employees. Later, a poll result revealed that the airline is taking advantage of the Corona crisis in order to boost shareholder profits. The poll was proposed by the Unite Union, a group that represents majority of British Airways cabin crew. The Union and the airways are in a bitter dispute over plans to axe as many as 12,000 workers and slash the terms and conditions of employees who remain. The above status holds true as of 6 July.

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