Ever Had Pasta Served From A Wine Glass? Watch This Video & See This Bizarre Serving Style

by Shreya Ghosh

Raise your hands if you get to watch at least one to two cooking and food experience videos every day while scrolling social media platforms. With every passing day, the popularity and trends of such are increasing with new creativity and experimentation. It is true that these videos are quite entertaining to watch and people even learn hacks and tricks from here but do these videos truly work all the time? One such video of serving pasta in a different way is surfacing online and Netizens are wondering the reason behind it.

Watch A Video Of Pasta Being Served From A Wine Glass!

A Twitter user who goes by the username @proyearner shared a clip of a waiter serving pasta using a wine glass. Captioning “this was so unnecessary i’m crying 😭”, the user shared this video and most Tweeple can relate to the caption used. You can watch the weird video of serving pasta here.

As shown in the video, the waiter brings the pasta stuffed inside an inverted wine glass and put it on the serving plate. The foot of the glass is loaded with grated cheese. The waiter serves the pasta evenly swirling from the wine glass on the plate and then adds the grated cheese on top of the pasta.

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Dining experiences are something that fascinates everyone. Elegant setups with great dining experiences are enjoyed by many but Netizens can’t understand the actual reason behind serving something as simple as pasta in this weird way. Bringing an inverted glass stuffed with pasta and then pouring it on the plate is not something Tweeple wants to see.

Twitterati Has So Many Things To Say About This Viral Video!

Shared on 13 February, the video now has more than 1.4 million views and over 40.4K likes. The reactions to this tweet are simply hilarious. While some Netizens are commenting about the mess created due to all these unnecessary presentations, some are even sad to see the amount of sauce stuck inside the glass. A Twitter user even pointed out how the waiter simply served cheese and pasta on the plate without caring much.

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Here are some reactions:

What do you think about this weird way of serving pasta?

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ chai ⵣ🇲🇦 (@proyearner)