Expo 2020 Dubai: 5 Unmissable Things To Do In The Last Month

by Deeplata Garde
by Deeplata Garde 311

The closure of Expo 2020 Dubai is just a few days away now. It all started on October 1 and will end on March 31. Yet there’s so much for tourists to watch and experience. Eating at top restaurants, participating in fun activities to discovering hidden gems. The list is endless. Well before the world’s fair ends, here are 5 things everyone should do at Expo 2020.

1. Explore Diverse Cuisine At Expo 2020 Dubai

How is it possible for any fair to be complete without food? Start your trip to Expo 2020 Dubai with a restaurant-hopping for a change. Get your hands on flavours of different nations. You have access from African to Japanese. Also, how can we not have comfort food, burgers and pizzas? At Alkebulan, you may learn about Africa. Afro Street Eatery and The Tasty Goat are among the eateries in the African Food Hall. Sushiro, a Japanese restaurant business, offers over 100 meals. All of them are halal-certified, a first for the company. David “Gypsy Chef” Myers’s famous outpost Adrift is a must-try for American fast food lovers.

2. Visit The National Pavillions

From Singapore To Saudi, the gazillion pavilions are screaming fun. The structure, built by Singapore-based architecture, is clad in a net-zero energy jungle both inside and out. A self-contained ecology runs it.

The Saudi Arabia Pavilion is the second-largest attraction at Expo 2020 Dubai. The absolute pleasure begins as you ascend the escalator. It takes you through a tube of reproductions designed to look like Saudi Arabia’s most renowned monuments.


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The Swiss Pavilion highlights Switzerland and its variety. It portrays stunning scenery to innovative initiatives and concepts for a sustainable future. You can summit the recreated Alps for a mesmerizing experience of your life.

The Germany Pavilion’s massive, 100,000-ball-strong ball pit is the stuff of small (and large) kids’ dreams. Hold the balls up to a scanner, and each one provides a fact, tells a narrative, or calls attention to a German sustainability champion.

3. Jalsat Nights At Expo 2020 Dubai

The expansive Jubilee Stage’s monthly Khaliji-led jam sessions, known as Jalsat Nights, have been a concert feature since its inception. March 15, listen to local musicians and artists from many nations. Hear them jamming together in unison for the last time.

4. Dodecalls Luminarium

This massive foldable installation has just arrived at Expo 2020. This activity is rocketing to the peak of many people’s must-see lists. Dodecalis Luminarium is a well-travelled work that has three significant domes. It’s all connected by confusing maze tunnels lighted by colourful lights. More than 43 countries have presented it till now.

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5. Closing Ceremony

The final show will be spectacular. Only a few people are likely to get a chance to see what happens at the location. The show will be broadcast live on different platforms, including the Expo 2020 Dubai YouTube account.

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