Finland: Go For The Ultimate Ice Driving Experience In Lapland This Winter

by Drishti
Finland: Go For The Ultimate Ice Driving Experience In Lapland This Winter

Talk about Finland, and you’ll get a good dose of ‘Oh, the Northern Lights!’, or ‘Oh, the saunas!’ But, the European country has so much more to offer. For instance, winters in Lapland, the country’s northernmost region, are a sight to behold. Wondering what else is so special? Well, you can go ice driving in Finland for the ultimate adventure experience!

Go Ice Driving In The Winter Lapland With Octola

A quick show of hands for adventure buffs out there: who wants to go ice-driving? Imagine sliding through vast stretches of frozen lands in Finland, with nothing but white snow surrounding you. Well, Octola, a five-star lodge nestled in Lapland, is inviting you to chase this thrill within! So, get ready to experience the adventure of a lifetime with ice driving lessons offered by Saudi Arabian rally driver, Rakan Al Rashed. Watch all the action come alive in a 4-wheel drive Subaru WRX STI in the wilderness of Octola’s stunning private space. Finland Is Offering An Online Class On Happiness And You Must Take It

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Picture Credits: Octola

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Hand-Crafted Experiences At Octola

Well, the best part about Octola’s ice driving courses is that they’re customised for everyone. So, whether you’re beginner or a professional, you’re bound to have a hand-crafted experience awaiting you. Plus, Octola’s chalets are sprawled over 300 hectares of private forest! With a tailored itinerary, you can also go for guided snowshoe excursions in search of the mesmerising Northern Lights! What’s more? You can go for husky sledding, ice fishing, and try out cross-country skiing too!

Picture Credits: Octola/Facebook

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Top Things To Do In Finland During Winter

Ice-driving is hands-on one of the top things to do in Finland during winter. But, with such idyllic stretches of trees, lakes and coasts defining its landscapes, Finland is one of the most surreal places to explore. For instance, did you know that there’s a Santa Claus Village in Lapland? That’s right, you can visit Santa’s real office there! Well, you can also go to the Finnish saunas for a relaxing experience, which is quite a typical thing to do. Don’t forget to include trying out authentic Nordic food and shopping at the Helsinki Market Square in your list! Speaking of winter, Patnitop in Jammu is a spectacular snowy destination, which is just perfect for adventure-seekers!