Flight Delayed? Here’s How Your Insurance Can Help

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Flight Delayed? Here’s How Your Insurance Can Help

How many times has it happened to you that you are all excited for your trip and all set at the airport managing to contain all the excitement and your flight gets delayed? At least once, isn’t it? We know how annoying that is and also heartbreaking at times. You know what can help you? Not coffee, not chocolates, of course not the ‘We are Sorry’ announcements but your travel insurance. 

Travel Insurance To The Rescue

If you have a travel insurance that covers flight delay, it will surely come to your rescue by covering the incidental costs at the airport if the flight is delayed beyond the said duration which is 120-150 minutes. If the flight gets delayed because of weather, non-availability of crew members, technical glitch, crew scheduling issues, rescheduling or cancellation of other flights or air traffic congestion, the insurer will cover the customer. But also the claim will not be passed if the delay was well in advance before the scheduled departure is communicated to the passenger or a notice about the strike by the labour is already issued by the airline.

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Checking The Exact Terms Is Important

Policy holders should review the precise conditions and coverage offered by insurance companies. The premium paid for the policy determines the amount of the claim. The benefits are different for different types of policies like domestic, international, student travel, senior citizen travel, family travel, etc.  If you have travel insurance that covers it, you may be entitled to compensation in the event that your flight is delayed, changed, or cancelled. Additionally, you are entitled to compensation for any variations in the cost of your airfare and lodging. All you have to do is make sure to check the exact terms and conditions stated. 

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