Food Vlogger Accused To Have Cooked And Eaten A Great White Shark In A Shocking Incident

by Sanmita A
Food Vlogger Accused To Have Cooked And Eaten A Great White Shark In A Shocking Incident

A food vlogger got into serious trouble after she posted a video of herself cooking and eating fish. The catch, here is, that she claimed to have consumed the great white shark, which is a protected species in China. Following all the online outrage and netizen fury, she took down the post. But all is not well, as an investigation has been launched after the report. She is a famous food vlogger in China but seems like she is in deep soup.

What Is The Food Vlogger Saying?

Following the investigation, the food vlogger, according to a media report, claimed that the people accusing her are talking nonsense and that she had bought the fish legally. The food vlogger, known as Tizi is famous on a streaming platform, Douyin for consuming rare and unusual species. Her video sparked a huge controversy after she uploaded a clip of herself, purchasing, cooking and eating a meal with a few more people in the village.

It may look vicious, but its meat is truly super tender, she tells in the video clip. Contrary to the allegations, Tizi tells at the end of the clip that the fish is a hook tooth shark, which was bred in captivity.

Image: Great White Shark

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What Breed Of Fish Did Tizi Consume?

Tizi, known for her food choices surely got a lot of attention through this clip. But she had to finally pull it down, after all the controversy. As per reports, she is also looking for a lawyer, who could represent her. Nanchong Police revealed, after an investigation that the meat she consumed was that of a great white shark. If found guilty, Tizi might face imprisonment for up to 10 years. The great white shark species are listed as ‘endangered species. It is illegal to possess these species in China as they fall on the protected list.

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