From Cheese To Jam, This Baahubali Sandwich Has Everything! Netizens Are Feeling Sick

by Shreya Ghosh
From Cheese To Jam, This Baahubali Sandwich Has Everything! Netizens Are Feeling Sick

Gone are those days when a sandwich was made using either some veggies and sauces or simple bread and jam. Nowadays every street vendor is coming up with new and innovative recipes with lots of new ingredients and additions. Unfortunately, hardly a few of these taste good. In the digital era of food bloggers finding out about new street food vendors selling unique food items, a video of a Baahubali Sandwich is making rounds on social media platforms. Internet users have a lot to say about this video but before that let’s watch it once.

This Viral Baahubali Sandwich Is Loaded With Tons Of Ingredients!

Food Blogger “SPOONS OF MUMBAI | Ronak Rathod” shared a video of preparing a humongous sandwich at a street food stall on the Instagram account @spoonsofmumbai. It is the perfect representation of how creativity with recipes is skyrocketing in India currently.

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We can see in the video how the vendor prepares the huge sandwich by adding so many different ingredients in all the layers. He begins by adding butter and green chutney on a slice of bread and then adds a layer of corn, masala, onion slices, capsicum, mayonnaise, and grated cheese.

On top of the second bread, he adds pineapple slices, olives, mayonnaise, and cheese. He lathers the third bread slice with jam on one side and adds red chutney on another. The vendor then puts tomato slices, masala, cabbage, carrot, beetroot, mayonnaise, and once again lots of grated cheese.

Before adding the last bread slice on top of the sandwich, he adds a lot of green chutney to it. The Baahubali Sandwich is cut into several pieces and then served with a heap of potato chips. Phewwww!! That’s a lot of stuff for a sandwich! This video has been shot at Bipin’s Big Sandwich.

Netizens Have Their Opinions Ready!

Baahubali Sandwich
Picture credit- SPOONS OF MUMBAI | Ronak Rathod Instagram (@spoonsofmumbai)

Shared on 22nd May, this video is very close to crossing 9 million views. Instagram users, especially foodies, are not that happy with this sandwich and they are commenting how this is just a dish with tons of unnecessary ingredients.

Someone commented “Thoda Harpic bhi daal dete“. Another user commented “Swiggy wala JCB se le jayega order ab“.

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Address: Bipin’s Big Sandwich, Chamunda Circle, Borivali (West), Mumbai.

Will you dare to try this Baahubali Sandwich?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ SPOONS OF MUMBAI | Ronak Rathod (@spoonsofmumbai)