From ‘Ganda’ To ‘Kutiya Kheri’ Haryana Government Renames Weird Village Names; Full List Inside

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
From ‘Ganda’ To ‘Kutiya Kheri’ Haryana Government Renames Weird Village Names; Full List Inside

India is full of cities, villages, and districts that have weird names. Some are so embarrassing that you wish to not even pronounce them! But have you ever thought about how the people living in that particular place feel about it? Well, keeping that in mind, after many requests from villagers, the Haryana government has renamed many weird village names. Want to know which and to what? Keep reading! 

Haryana Government Renames Weird Village Names

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The Haryana Government has been receiving many requests from many villagers of different villages in the state. The request is to rename the names as they are very outrageous, embarrassing and some are unspeakable. 

There have been many names that have finally been renamed making the villagers happy. The achievement booklet of Manohar Lal- led government was recently released and it included the names of all the villages which got renamed in the last nine years. 

Many bizarre village names have been changed as they were either unspeakable or have a weird meaning. The list includes names like Ganda- which means dirty in Hindi, Kutiya Khera- which means abode of bitches, Landora- which is unspeakable because of its pronunciation and many more. 

List Of Old Names With Its New Ones

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Earlier Name – New Name

  • Sanghar Sarita – Baba Bhuman Shah
  • Gudgaon/Gurgaon – Gurugram
  • Kinnar – Gaiby Nagar
  • Gadhi Sapla – Sir Choturam Nagar
  • Pindhari – Pandu-Pindhara
  • Khizrabad – Pratap Nagar
  • Bal Ragdaan – Bal Rajputaan
  • Landora – Jairampur
  • Genda Khera – Gurukul Khera
  • Mohammed Hadi – Brahmapuri
  • Mustaffabad – Saraswati Nagar
  • Ganda – Ajit Nagar
  • Chamkheda – Dev Nagar
  • Todi Khedi – Sarna Khedi
  • Lula Ahir – Krishna Nagar
  • Kutiya Khera – Veerpur
  • Ameen – Abhimanyupur

The booklet also included several village names that were Islamic-sounding and hence were renamed. This includes names like Ameen, Mustaffabad, Mohammad hadi and Khizrabad. 

The most notable change of all these names is that Gurgaon or Gudgaon (as many call it) was renamed to Gurugram. This change took place on October 14, 2016. This new name was given to the city to celebrate its relation to Pandavas’ archery teacher, Mahabharat’s Guru Dronacharya. 

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Resident Wrote A Letter To PM

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One of the instances of villagers requesting a name change is by Harpreet Kaur. She was a resident of Haryana’s Ganda village which means dirty in Hindi. Harpreet wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2015 about the embarrassment she has to go through because of the village name. 

She mentioned words like humiliation, embarrassment and insults. She was 12 when she wrote this letter. Harpreet explained how the villagers actually refrained from mentioning the names of the villages to people to avoid insults. 

One of the lines from her letters mentioned how her cousins and many others would frequently taunt her because of the name of the village. 

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