Goa Express Arrives & Leaves Manmad Junction Ahead Of Scheduled Time, 45 Passengers Left Behind

by Shreya Ghosh
Goa Express Arrives & Leaves Manmad Junction Ahead Of Scheduled Time, 45 Passengers Left Behind

Many passengers planning to catch the Vasco da Gama Nizamuddin-Goa Express from the Manmad Junction on 27 July 2023 failed to do so. Though they reached the station within the specified time, about 45 passengers, unfortunately, could not board the express train leading to the final destination Delhi. Why couldn’t they board the train even after being on time?

The Vasco da Gama Nizamuddin-Goa Express Reached The Station Way Before The Scheduled Time

Goa Express
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According to the schedule, the express train was supposed to arrive at the Manmad Junction at 10:35 AM on Thursday. Instead, it reached the station about 90 minutes ahead of the scheduled time, according to a report by The Times of India. The Goa Express was at the station by 9:05 AM already and waited for only 5 minutes. It was 9:10 AM when the train left the junction, leaving many passengers behind.

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According to the scheduled time of 10:35 AM, these passengers started arriving at the Manmad junction after some time waiting to board the Express train. Later, they got to know how the train has already left for Delhi about one and a half hours before the scheduled time.

Passengers Were Furious And Asked For Solutions To This Major Chaos

Goa Express
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It was surely a distressing moment for all the 45 passengers who could not board the Goa Express. Without any fault on their side, they had to face such a miserable situation. They rushed to the station manager and asked for some alternative solutions so that they can reach their destinations.

An officer of the Central Railway zone shared that the train diverted the usual route on Thursday and this diversion led to the train reaching Manmad junction ahead of the mentioned time. While the train should have stayed at the station so that all the passengers could board at the scheduled time, the express left the junction prior to that.

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He further added that the stranded passengers later continued their journey in the Mumbai-Howrah Gitanjali Express, according to the TOI report. They boarded the train at 11:26 AM and reached Jalgaon at 1:16 PM. From there, they boarded the Goa Express and left for their actual destination.

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