Here’s The Ultimate List Of Cheapest International Destinations To Travel To Every Month!

by Kanika Sharma
by Kanika Sharma 133

We all have a bucket list and more often than not, striking things off of it seems like a huge task. Let’s just keep aside the factor about – finding time for a vacation aside, and look at the logistics. The cost of the flights, stay, travel and other miscellaneous ones always get in the way of travelling on a budget. But fret not! We have come up with a list that highlights the cheapest international destinations to travel to every month of the year!

1. January: Osaka, Japan

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As much as you would want to travel to Japan during the cherry blossom festival, we suggest that you take a step back. According to, flights to Osaka are almost 35 per cent cheaper in January as compared to the rest of the year. Another reason for the dip could be post-holiday season and colder weather as well.

2. February: Hong Kong

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According to, the best time to travel to Hong Kong is during the month of February. The average stay per night in a hotel costs just about $125 per night.

3. March: Melbourne, Australia

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Many people would suggest you to not travel to Melbourne during the month of March as it is quite wet. But if you want to visit the place on a low budget, then that’s the best time. The flight tickets to Melbourne are almost 16% cheaper than regular rates

4. April: Copenhagen, Denmark

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The capital of Denmark is known for its palaces, landscapes, sculptures and canals. If you decide to visit the Nordic region during April, you end up saving almost 38% on your hotel bookings.

5. May: Santorini, Greece

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Santorini may not be an all-season destination, but it is a place that you can visit in May for sure. Why? Because the flights are almost 45 per cent cheaper.

6. June: Belfast, Northern Ireland

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The best time to travel to the United Kingdom is from June to August. And what would surprise you is that this is also the cheapest time to travel to the region. The average flight prices drop by 26 per cent during this time, making it an ideal vacation spot.

7. July: Cancun, Mexico

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July is the hurricane month in the Caribbean coastal town of Cancun. It is on till October. However, there is a possibility that it may not strike the coast in the first month itself. This means more beach time and reduced flight rates by about 16 per cent.

8. August: Berlin, Germany

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Yes, we all would like to visit Germany during Oktoberfest, but the cost of hostels and hotels are extremely high during that time of the month. However, if you want to bunk in hostels, enjoy pub hopping and make the most of the city, August is the best time to visit Berlin. If booked in time, the flight tickets are almost 20-30 per cent cheaper than peak summer months.

9. September: Hawaii, United States of America

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If you end up travelling to Hawaii during the end of peak summer months, not only is there a possibility of cheaper flights but also cheap hotel tariffs as well. They are expected to be 32 per cent cheaper than the regular fares. The sun is not too harsh and the weather is good too. It makes the perfect spot for an ideal getaway.

10. October: Cape Town, South Africa

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If your budget for hotel rooms is less than $100 a night, then visiting Cape Town during October is your best bet. Explore the coastal town of South Africa on a budget with cheap hotels, flight tickets and the money saved can be spent at vineyards and on adventure sports

11. November: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

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Yes. A month before the celebratory holiday season begins, much against the popular belief, it indeed is the best time to travel to rio De Janeiro in November. According to, the accommodations are available at 37% cheaper rates than usual.

12. December: Calgary, Canada

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If you don’t want to celebrate NYE in your hometown, then the best place to travel to during December is Calgary in Canada. The airfare is almost 27 per cent cheaper compared to the regular time of the year, which makes it the best NYE holiday!

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