Here’s What Happens In 5 Of India’s Deadliest Jails

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
by Vaishalee Kalvankar 188

You might have heard about stories of influential people getting VIP service while they serve their sentences in jail. Well, that is just one side of the coin and comes into the limelight because they are known ones. Attempts to escape from prison and suicide are common among prisoners who believe death is better than serving their sentence which is way difficult. Here are India’s 5 deadliest jails.

1. Cellular Jail (Kaala Pani), Port Blair

Kaala Pani jail is known as the most deadly jail in India. It is located in Andaman and Nicobar islands and being sent here is equal to a living death. Prisoners who complained were forced to wear coarse cloth that scratched their skin for three months. It was the walking in chains to the oil-crushing mill that was the most horrific punishment. 

2. Puzhal Central Prison, Chennai

A former inmate from this jail told news channels that the prisoners had no access to water and used mud to clean toilets, which made the prison one of the scariest jails in India. And by luck, if they had access to water, they had to decide between washing clothes and washing themselves. 

Pic Credits: The Hindu

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3. Moradabad Central Jail, Uttar Pradesh

This prison does not have enough space for all the prisoners. The prison campus has the capacity of only 650 inmates but has 2200 prisoners who have to sleep in shifts. The pressure somewhat eases every morning when 600-odd prisoners appear in court for their trials, and some prisoners receive a 6ft x 2ft cell.

Pic Credits: TOI

4. Yerwada Jail, Pune

A high-security prison in India built in 1866, the Yerawada jail is one of the oldest and largest in India. The prison has about 5000 prisoners currently in it and has an open prison and a woman’s prison. The mastermind behind 26/11 Mumbai, Ajmal Kasab was hanged to death in this jail. 

Pic Credits: DNA India

5. Tihar Jail, New Delhi

Tihar Jail is the largest jail complex in South Asia. The jail houses about 1400 prisoners and is famous for the cruelty of its officers. The severity of the officers can be explained by the fact that once a prisoner screamed and an officer commanded officers to kick and beat him with sticks after he accidentally screamed at one of them.

Pic Credits: The Indian Express

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