Here’s What Haryana’s 105-Year-Old Athletic Record Breaker Rambai Eats Daily

by Suchismita Pal
Here’s What Haryana’s 105-Year-Old Athletic Record Breaker Rambai Eats Daily

It is never too late to start anything. The 105-year-old gold medal-winning Rambai nani is the best example of it. She bagged the gold medal for sprinting 100 metres in 45.40 seconds at the National Open Masters Athletics Championships in Gujarat. Quite incredibly, Rambai had started her competitive running career in Varanasi just a year back, when she was 104 years old. She had participated in her first racing competition in Vadodara.

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The Superfoods That Keep Rambai Nani Fit And Fabulous!

Before winning the gold medal in Gujarat, Rambai had bagged medals in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala as well. No wonder, everyone lovingly calls her Super Nani. We are in awe of her achievements. Also, have you wondered what is the secret to nani’s astounding fitness at this elderly age? We got a sneak peek into her diet. According to the Times of India report, the sprinter consumes churma, dahi and doodh. She is a vegetarian and consumes 500 ml of pure milk on a daily basis, along with 500 grams of curd and 250 grams of ghee. A diet that’s simple yet highly energy-boosting! Rambai eats millet rotis instead of rice.

105-Year-Old Rambai
Picture Credits: Navbharat Times and Unsplash

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Rambai Runs 3 To 4 Kilometres Everyday

It is not just food that keeps Rambai healthy. She couples her diet with an active lifestyle too. She runs 3-4 kilometres every day. Rambai also labours in the fields. Rambai is an inspiration to the generations in multifold ways. Her achievements are proof that nothing is impossible in the world if there is strong willpower. On that note, it is advisable to speak with a nutritionist before making any significant dietary changes.