6 Hidden Gems To Explore On Your Next Trip To Tirthan Valley

things to see in tirthan valley
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 1529

Tirthan Valley is nestled1600 m above sea level in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. While the state is known for hill stations like Shimla and Manali, Tirthan Valley is a hidden gem that must be explored. It’s blessed with glacial springs, lush greenery and the serene Tirthan river. A paradise for both adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts, here are 6 hidden gems you must visit on your next trip to Tirthan Valley.

1. Gushaini

Gushaini is a charming little village on the banks of the Tirthan river, often lost behind the fanfare of Shimla and Manali. It’s situated just 10 km away from the popular Great Himalayan National Park. For convenience, you can always club the two expeditions and choose to stay in a nearby homestay. Gushaini gives you the complete mountain experience, especially when you’re travelling up the narrow roads. A trip to Gushaini will show you the breathtaking shades of the sparkling Tirthan river, that’s truly a sight to behold. 

things to see in tirthan valley

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2. Prashar Lake 

One of the best places to visit in the Tirthan Valley is Prashar Lake. Nestled 49km north of Mandi at an altitude of 2730m, it’s one of the most offbeat places in Himachal Pradesh. The lake has a depth that remains unknown to date. The beauty of the lake is enhanced by a three-storeyed pagoda-like temple. The serenity and tranquillity here remained unparalleled. Prashar lake is adorned by vibrant flowers during the monsoon season and a carpet of snow covers it during the cold winters.


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3. Jalori Pass

If you have plans to visit Tirthan Valley, make sure you don’t miss out on Jalori Pass or Jalori Jot. This high altitude pass at an elevation of around 10,570 feet can easily be accessed through a short day trip. Let’s warn you that the path to this pass is quite narrow and in generally poor conditions during the monsoon season. So while it’s accessible by both car or trek, you need to be careful.

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 4. Thanedar 

Those looking to visit a spiritual getaway near Tirthan Valley must visit Thanedar without fail. This valley houses the ancient and highly revered Nag Devta Temple and a matter of churches. Thanedar is surrounded by cherry and apple orchards and it’s a hidden getaway in the state. It’s known for exporting fresh cartons of rosy apples across India and abroad. Stay in a lovely resort here and make the most of your great escape amidst the divinity of nature. 

things to see in tirthan valley

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5. Serolskar Lake

Another pristine lake in Tirthan Valley that remains a favourite among patrons in Serolskar Lake. Perched just 5 km from Jalori Pass, this lake is crystal clear despite leaves dropping into it. The lake is surrounded by a forest and is known to have medicinal properties. One needs to go on a steep trek to reach the lake due to the lack of a motorable road. There is an ancient temple called ‘Budhi Nagin’ devoted to the Goddess who had 100 sons and is believed to be the guardian of the place.

things to see in tirthan valley

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6. Chehni Kothi

The Chehni Kothi or Chaini Kothi is a majestic tower made of stone and wood. This ancient piece of architecture is an earthquake-proof structure. Despite being built without steel or concrete, it stands tall, bearing the harsh cold seasons of the Himalayas. It’s nestled near Tirthan Valley and a hidden sightseeing spot.

things to see in tirthan valley

Picture Credits: Tarun Goel/ travelshoebum.com

So, travel enthusiasts, these are some of the hidden gems in and near Tirthan Valley. Do add these places to your wishlist and visit them when it’s safe to travel.

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