Himachal To Witnesses Early Snowfall As Less Traffic Leads To Temperature Drop

by Kanika Sharma
Himachal To Witnesses Early Snowfall As Less Traffic Leads To Temperature Drop

We have seen nature healing as the world has been under lockdown. In India, specifically, we have seen Ganges water getting purified, and mountain ranges being visible from far far away. Another pleasant site has been added to the list. The upper reaches of Himachal Pradesh have received early snowfall!

Himachal Pradesh Received Snowfall A Month Early

Recently, locals revealed that the upper reaches of Himachal Pradesh, that includes mountain peaks in Baralacha and Shinkula, received fresh snow fall in the first week of July, which is a month early. The last time that the state had witnessed an early snowfall was in the year 2014. Mostly, people of Himachal, especially in the higher reaches would see the mountains turn white only by mid or end August. This year, however, the scientists predict that this could be due to the drop in temperatures that has happened much before time.

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Less Traffic Could Be One Of The Reasons For Drop In Temperature

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, the country witnessed a nationwide lockdown by March end. Within the last 100 days, there has been drastic change around the country, as tourism, travel and movement came to a halt. Scientists and researchers, have stated that one of the major reasons for Himachal Pradesh to witness snow-fall a month early could be due to a dip in temperature.

The reason behind the dip, is being stated as less vehicular traffic. Many states around the country closed their borders for tourists, which resulted in less number of people crowding the streets, and less traffic on the roads. The atmosphere is far more clean and hence, it has resulted in climate change. Weather scientists believe that this could be the reason behind the dip not only in the mountain region but plains as well.

Early Snowfall Will Attract Tourists

While absenteeism of tourists has resulted in this beautiful phenomenon, this might actually end up attracting them as well. As the border are now opening slowly, but with strict measures, it is believed that people will be attracted to come to the state which will add to the tourism sector that has been so badly affected in the last few months.

We hope that travellers are responsible and they don’t start polluting these gorgeous locations like they used to. Due to less number fo tourists, Himachal Pradesh was able to keep out 3,000 tonnes of trash. The nature has healed, let’s not destroy it again.