Iceland Is Inviting People To Scream & Let Out Their Lockdown Stress

by Sanjana Shenoy
Iceland Is Inviting People To Scream & Let Out Their Lockdown Stress

The coronavirus lockdown keeps getting extended, work from home gets hectic by the day, with salary cuts and months of being at home, don’t you just want to scream in frustration? Well, you’re not alone. And why scream alone at home, when you can scream and let out your lockdown stress in Iceland. As per a new initiative, Iceland launched a campaign ‘Let It Out’ to promote the region for tourism. It reopened for tourism on June 15. So to know how you can be part of this campaign and let your screams travel all the way to Iceland, read to know more.

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Iceland Launches ‘Let It Out’ Campaign So People Can Scream Out Lockdown Stress

Iceland’s latest tourism campaign ‘Let It Out’ now offers you to let out your suppressed lockdown emotions. All you need to do is record your loudest scream, shriek or wail on the dedicated campaign website. And then send it across. Iceland will then release your recorded screams on speakers. These speakers will be set up in seven remote scenic locations including black sand beaches by Festarfjall, a mountain on Iceland’s southwestern coast,  the Snæfellsjökull glacier and others. 

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Iceland Shall Broadcast People’s Recorded Screams On Speakers Located In 7 Remote Locations In The Country

Since the country shall set up these speakers in remote locations, your screams won’t bother the neighbours. Participants can also receive a video of their scream, broadcasted on one of the scenic remote locations in Iceland. And that’s not all, you can also choose the spot where you want to send your scream, from the seven remote locations in Iceland. Afterwhich you can hear your sounds of frustration ad rage in real-time on the speakers’ live streams.

Sigríður Dögg Guðmundsdóttir, Iceland Tourism Program Director informed that its important to draw the attention of people to Iceland’s advantages. He adds that people are currently waiting for the time when things get back to normal. So they can travel and plan trips in the near future. As such, Iceland wants to be part of this conversation, he reiterated.

iceland lockdown  scream
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However, the campaign points out that screaming might feel therapeutic. But this process is just a starting point. It emphasizes that people need to seek out professional help if necessary. Well, in the meantime, back in India, there are 5 secluded islands that are remote and perfect for social distancing, so watch this video.