India-UAE Travel: Passengers Advised To Reconfirm Flight Details As Airlines Switch Schedules

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
India-UAE Travel: Passengers Advised To Reconfirm Flight Details As Airlines Switch Schedules

Travel agencies are advising all the passengers who will be flying from UAE on an Indian airline to reconfirm their flight departure timings. This comes as on March 26 many airlines are switching to their summer schedule and also because of the ongoing network alignment. All the travel agencies have been informed about the same and also the portals are updated with the new timings. 

Timings Of Many Flights Have Been Affected

 Noushad Hassan from Alhind travels said that the timing of many Air India Express and Air India flights have already been affected. These changes will be effective on all the flights departing up to October. He mentioned that they have been informing passengers about the changes through SMSs and emails. 

General Manager of Deira Travels, Sudheesh said that this is a regularisation process between the two airlines. He also mentioned that many flights from and to India have been either cancelled or rescheduled. 

Hence, passengers must first reconfirm the timings of their flights. According to him, passengers must keep reconfirming for a few days as minor alterations might take place due to the changes in the schedule. 

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Two Schedules That Airlines Use

Due to network alignment between Air India and Air India Express, some Air India flights to Kozhikode, Indore, and Goa were cancelled and replaced with Air India Express flights. A number of Air India Express flights to Delhi and Bombay are also being replaced by Air India flights. 

According to the International Air Transport Association, there are two schedules that airlines around the world use (IATA). The final Sunday in March marks the start of the summer schedule, which lasts through the final Saturday in October. The schedule is from March 26 to October 28 in 2023.

This is when slot requests from different airlines are approved or redistributed, which occasionally results in changes to flight timings and schedules.

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Make sure you reconfirm your plane timings.

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