India’s First Bamboo Village Is Now In Tripura With Bamboo Bridges, Yoga Centre & More

by Sanjana Shenoy
India’s First Bamboo Village Is Now In Tripura With Bamboo Bridges, Yoga Centre & More

How’d you like to stay in a rustic bamboo cottage, surrounded by lush greenery? Sounds like a vacation of your dreams right? Well, Tripura is now home to India’s first bamboo village. In a move to boost eco-tourism in the Northeast region, this bamboo park is laden with bamboo bridges, a yoga centre and more that will attract nature lovers and yoga enthusiasts. Read on to know more.

Tripura’s Bamboo Village Has Bamboo Cottages, Ponds & Yoga Centre

India’s first bamboo village is nestled in Katlamara in western Tripura along the India-Bangladesh border. The first of its kind bamboo village also called bashgram is set up on 9 acres of land, developed by the bamboo architect whizz Manna Roy. According to a Times Of India report, this stunning bamboo village houses a yoga centre, welcoming bamboo cottages, a fun bamboo bridge, serene ponds where flora and fauna reside, winding pathways and other eco-friendly facilities. Visitors can come across over 14 species of bamboo and many natural plants like herbs, shrubs, flowers and vegetation.

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Bamboo Village To Become Eco-Tourism & Medical Hub In India

Interestingly, is also a bamboo museum that will educate people on the old, endangered and obsolete items made of bamboo. Manna Roy revealed to TOI that ₹60 lakhs has been invested to transform the bamboo village into a world-class eco-tourism and a medical hub that will attract people from across the globe. He stated that the aim of this bashgram or bamboo village is to use both local and rural resources in an efficient manner that will not tamper with nature.