IRCTC Is Planning Your Travel For You, Suggests These Places To Visit Next

by Shreya Ghosh
IRCTC Is Planning Your Travel For You, Suggests These Places To Visit Next

Are you planning to travel to international destinations anytime soon? If yes, here is some great news for you. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation has come up with some great recommendations for beautiful destinations from different corners of the world. From Asia to Europe, IRCTC’s suggestions for exploring the world cover it all. Let’s take a look at these stunning destinations.

These Are The Global Destinations Suggested By IRCTC

IRCTC took to its official Twitter handle to share the names of these picturesque places. Not one or two, they have shared a total of 6 destinations. Let’s take a look at the list of these places.

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These alluring destinations from different parts of the world made it to the suggested list shared by IRCTC. Here are all the places.

  • Budapest
  • Indonesia
  • Nepal
  • Paraguay
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

The best part is that IRCTC is not just there to recommend these places to you, they are also planning the holiday by providing options for flight tickets with great offers too. You can select your destination and flight tickets according to your needs and preferences.

These Destinations Are Perfect For Budget Travel As Well!

Taking to its official Twitter handle, IRCTC also shared that these places are perfect for budget travellers as well. If you feel that exploring international destinations is going to shell out a lot of your money and can exceed your travel budget, then IRCTC has got you covered. These places suggested by IRCTC can be covered if you plan to travel under a budget.

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Among these 6 destinations, Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand, and Vietnam are in Asia. Paraguay is in South America and Budapest, on the other hand, is in Europe. IRCTC brings the perfect recommendations to explore such beautiful places on different continents of the world.

These places are so diverse, home to magnificent views and scenic surroundings, vibrant culture, delish authentic cuisines, tons of touristy places to explore, and offer some of the world’s most beautiful and unique experiences. Travelling to any of these 6 destinations is surely a great idea.

Flying internationally and exploring foreign countries can now be easily done on an affordable budget. So are you planning to explore any of these locations suggested by IRCTC?

Cover Image Courtesy: Pixabay