Karnataka To Get Its First Crafts Tourism Village; Artisans Make Handmade Baskets & Bags

crafts tourism village Karnataka
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 678

Karnataka is all set to get a stunning Craft Tourism Village in Anegundi at Koppal district. Tourists can explore this crafts village and take-back handmade baskets, mats and bags weaved by artisans from banana fibre. If you’re planning a trip to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hampi, this Crafts Tourism Village is nestled nearby. According to reports, you can expect to witness this crafts emporium in full gusto by June. Karnataka State Handicrafts Corporation (KSHDC) is in charge of implementing this project. Read on to know more.

Karnataka Crafts Tourism Village To Enthrall Tourists With Intricate Handmade Souveniers

Anegundi in Karnataka was earlier the capital of the Vijayanagar dynasty. It housed a number of talented artisans. For time immemorial artisans have been created a variety of crafts utilising water hyacinth and banana fibre. Currently, 300 artisans reside in Anegundi and the district already attracts many tourists visiting Hampi. But now, Anegundi is all set to get global recognition as Karnataka will house its first Crafts Tourism Village in the district.

crafts tourism village Karnataka

Picture Credits: Deccan Herald

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This Initiative Will Greatly Help Artisans

D Roopa, Inspector-General of Police (IGP) and Managing Director of KSHDC stated to The News Minute, “The main objective of this project is the renovation and beautification of the houses of artisans, the streets and restoration of some ancient structures in the village. This is being done on a priority basis and free of cost for the artisans. The Tourism Department might also benefit from this as a major part of craft tourism includes tourists being able to see how traditional handicrafts are being made.”

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The raw material to prepare these stunning souvenirs like mats, bags and baskets are easily available in the region as bananas are grown in large numbers. So apart from exploring the historical significance of Hampi, tourists can also dwell in the rich culture represented in the crafts village. Apart from visiting the Crafts Tourism Village in Anegundi, here are other cool things you can do in Hampi. 

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