London Has UK’s First-Ever Free E-Bike Proficiency Scheme. Here Are All The Deets About It!

by Shreya Ghosh
London Has UK’s First-Ever Free E-Bike Proficiency Scheme. Here Are All The Deets About It!

With the huge rise in using e-bikes, it is now quite evident that electric vehicles are the future! The demand and popularity of these rides are increasing in different parts of the world and London is one of these places. Just bike around this beautiful city and witness the most magnificent scenic surroundings without leaving much carbon footprint. But if you are afraid to ride an e-bike in the bustling streets of London, here’s the perfect solution for you!

Here’s All You Need To Know About The First E-Bike Proficiency Scheme Of London

Picture credit- Canva

It is not a secret that London streets are always crowded and bustling with residents and people from different places. And it is quite a normal thing for people to feel scared and uncomfortable riding an e-bike on these streets. But folks of London, don’t worry as Swapfiets is all set to launch the first-ever e-bike proficiency course in the city, that too for absolutely free of cost. Now isn’t that exciting?

Swapfiets is a bike subscription company based in the Netherlands.

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A survey by Swapfiets shows that 67 per cent of people do not feel positive to use these vehicles on the streets. To solve all these issues, Swapfiets is introducing a course. This is a one-day course where everyone can participate. Not just in London, it is going to be the first-ever proficiency scheme of its kind in the entire United Kingdom.

How Will This Proficiency Scheme By Swapfiets Work?

Professionals will be guiding everyone in this course to learn safety rules while riding an e-bike on London streets. There will be proper guidance and classes for people with different levels of proficiency; beginner, intermediate, and advanced, according to a report by Time Out. Also, participants will be given training according to their preferences and the designed scheme will provide them with in-depth knowledge about cycling on the streets at different points.

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The course is all set to begin from 11 AM to 3 PM on 29 April 2023 in Shoreditch.

Are you excited to join this e-bike proficiency course in London? This is going to be a fun experience!

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva