Madhya Pradesh’s Pench Tiger Reserve Now Offers Cycle Safaris For Wildlife Enthusiasts

by Shreya Rathod
Madhya Pradesh’s Pench Tiger Reserve Now Offers Cycle Safaris For Wildlife Enthusiasts

Pench Tiger Reserve is located on the Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh border. The national park is home to many animals and plants, including tigers, different species of deer, and birds, as well as dry deciduous forests. People visit this national park and enjoy tiger safari. But now, Pench Tiger Reserve is planning to introduce cycling safaris.

Pench Tiger Reserve To Offer Cycling Safaris

cycling pench tiger reserve
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Cycle safari will soon be available for visitors to the Pench Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra. The reserve only offered jeep and camel safaris up until this point. A cycle safari is a fantastic addition because it will increase the sense of adventure and be good for the environment.

As of the present, the Kolitmara range in West Pench has this new attraction. The Kolitmara to Kunwara Bhivsen section will be the site of the bicycle safari. This 48 km route brings travellers through Narhar, Banera, and Chargaon’s forested regions.

In addition to tigers, the Pench Tiger Reserve is well-known for its leopards and sloth bears. However, guests need not be concerned about the cycling safari. It differs from the reserve’s central parts. Cycling is a great activity in the serene, picturesque Kolitmara mountain.

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Around 80 People Attended Safari

cycling pench tiger reserve
Credits: Wikimedia

Visitors who bring their bicycles will be required to pay a safari fee of ₹100 per person. Visitors must pay ₹300 per day, per cycle, if they rent them from the Pench Tiger Reserve. Two to six people per group will participate in the bicycle safari. The group will be charged ₹1,000 in guide costs for the professional guide who will be appointed.

On August 20, 2023, when about 80 people attended, the cycling safari got off to a roaring start. All age groupings of individuals were present. The Pench area’s natural beauty can be discovered and appreciated through the bike safari.

Visitors will go through some of the nicest sceneries in the area on the safari route and cycle through scenic valleys and woodlands. Jeep safaris frequently make us feel awful because of their negative effects on beautiful woods. However, with them, one can now choose a green choice. The monsoon season is well underway, and the woodlands are especially beautiful at this time of year.

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Visitors can take in the forests and various bird species throughout Pench’s deep forest.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva