Man “Accidentally” Opens Emergency Exit On Los Angeles-Seattle Delta Airlines Flight

by Shreya Rathod
Man “Accidentally” Opens Emergency Exit On Los Angeles-Seattle Delta Airlines Flight

Whether you are travelling by train or flight, certain rules need to be followed. Especially when travelling by flight as travelling by air includes a lot of protocols. But apparently, this American man had his own ideas! At the Los Angeles International Airport, a man allegedly opened the door of the emergency exit of the Delta Airlines flight before it was set to take off! And this has caused a ruckus for everyone. Here are the details of the incident that happened at the LA International Airport.

Man Opened The Emergency Exit Before Take Off!

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Credits: Wikimedia

The unidentified man was boarding the Delta Airlines flight that was heading to Seattle. While aboard, the man suddenly opened the exit door which caused its emergency slide to be activated. According to the Los Angeles Airport Police, the man had rushed to the front door of the plane just in time as it was heading away from the gate.

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The air hostess repeatedly requested him to calm down and sit down in his seat. However, the man was in no state of listening to her and suddenly slid down the emergency slide. The man jumped on the back of a baggage cart and luggage workers helped him down. After the police arrived at the airport, he was arrested and taken into custody. And he was taken to a local hospital for a mental evaluation.

Airline’s Statement On The Incident

Delta Airlines stated that the flight returned to the gate due to an unruly passenger. The aircraft was about to take off but a passenger suddenly exited the aircraft and was detained by the Delta staff before being handed to the police. This situation is being investigated by the police currently.

Causing disruptions in the working of airlines or railways is a punishable offence. Passengers should avoid causing a situation like this. However, the emergency exit cannot be opened mid-air because of the cabin pressure. And while the emergency exit has a series of locks, it can be opened. So, the next time you are on a flight, be sure to not ‘accidentally’ open the emergency exit!

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Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia