Man Claims Glass Shards In Domino’s Pizza: Here’s How Domino’s Responded

by Vinita Jain
Man Claims Glass Shards In Domino’s Pizza: Here’s How Domino’s Responded

While ordering food online, we often tend to order from well-known food brands. That is because we trust the brand to deliver good quality food prepared under hygienic conditions. Keeping this in mind, a man from Maharashtra ordered a pizza from Domino’s. But, even his basic expectations were not met as he found glass shards in the pizza. The man took to Twitter to raise his concerns and tagged the relevant authorities.

The Twitter user, AK (@kolluri_arun) shared the pictures and wrote “2 to 3 pieces of glass found in @dominos_india. This speaks volumes about global brand food that we are getting @dominos @jagograhakjago @fssaiindia. Not sure of ordering ever from Domino’s.”

Along with concerned Dominos authorities, he also tagged Mumbai Police and Times of India.

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Mumbai Police Responded Quickly To Glass Shards Found In Domino’s Pizza

Mumbai police responded immediately after they saw his tweet about finding glass shards in Domino’s pizza. They tweeted: “Write to customer service first. If you don’t get a response or get a satisfactory response, consider legal remedies.”

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In another comment, the man tweeted that he ordered the pizza from a Domino’s branch at Delta Garden, Mira road.

Here’s How Zomato Responded

When asked if the box had been tampered with, the user wrote that he had ordered a pizza from Zomato and that the box was sealed.

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According to TOI, Domino’s responded to the tweet about glass shards found in the pizza. The company also contacted the customer and clarified the facts through various communication channels. The company stated that they have a strict glass-free policy in their kitchens and they follow the highest quality standards. However, the company is investigating the matter and will take appropriate action as soon as possible.

Source: Times Of India

Cover image courtesy: AK Twitter