Man Finds ‘Yellow Paper’ Inside A Samosa On IR Train, Netizens Claim It’s A Ghutka Wrapper

by Vinita Jain
Man Finds ‘Yellow Paper’ Inside A Samosa On IR Train, Netizens Claim It’s A Ghutka Wrapper

People have often taken to social media to create awareness about inedible things found in their food delivered.  A similar incident happened on a train where a passenger found a “mysterious yellow paper” inside a samosa. The passenger was heading to Lucknow from Bandra, Mumbai. He shared the picture of a tiny yellow paper in a samosa on Twitter and questioned the hygiene standards of IRCTC.

 Passenger Shared Train Details & Questioned IRCTC

A passenger named Aji Kumar shared a photo of the yellow paper he found in a samosa on Twitter, writing “I am heading to Lucknow today 9-10-22. I bought a samosa to eat, but after a while, I spotted some yellow paper inside the samosa… Pls, look at the yellow paper inside the samosa… The IRCTC pantry person serves it in Train No. 20921 Bandra Lucknow train… Started train 8-10-22.”

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In another tweet he wrote, “This Samosa served IRCTC pantry provided in Train No. 20921 Bandra bound Lucknow weekly exp. started on 8-10-22. I bought it on 9-10-22 morning around 10:15 AM… I salute IRCTC for the food they’re serving to the passengers…”

The tweet went viral and IRCTC asked Aji Kumar to share his PNR and contact details via direct message.

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People Claimed The Yellow Paper As Ghutka Ka Wrapper

Netizens in the comment section bashed IRCTC. One user even claimed that this yellow paper found in samosa is a ghutka wrapper. Another wrote, “Untrustworthy attitude of @IRCTCofficial personal in food division will never change.” While yet another commented “It’s gutkha paper eaten by the cook and flavoured with samosa. Enjoy new Gutkha samosa. IRCTC is great in handling this situation please now privatise rail also as govt cannot handle basic cooking and hygiene.”

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Cover image courtesy: Aji Kumar’s Twitter