72-Yr-Old Man From Delhi Manages Traffic For 32 Years Without Pay After His Son Died In A Road Accident

by Sanjana Shenoy
72-Yr-Old Man From Delhi Manages Traffic For 32 Years Without Pay After His Son Died In A Road Accident

Selfless are those people who commit their lives for a cause, silently, resolutely without worrying about its rewards. Just the thought of making a little difference in society through their hard work and actions gives them satisfaction. One such selfless, determined man resides in Delhi. 72-year old Gangaram manages traffic at Delhi’s Seelampur junction for the past 32 years, without any pay for most of those years. He isn’t a traffic cop and is he appointed. Gangaram is just a father who lost his son to a road accident, and his wife to the subsequent trauma. Dressed in a traffic police uniform with a stick in hand he works over 10 hours a day to make sure the traffic moves in a disciplined manner. Even coronavirus didn’t stop this man from doing his job, despite calls of the government advising senior citizens to stay at home. 

Gangaram Started Managing Traffic After His Son Died Due To A Road Accident At Seelampur Red Light

Often the reasons for what we do and why we do lies within us. Within our families. Gangaram’s only son died due to a road accident at Seelampur red light. Earlier, Gangaram and his son worked at their TV repair shop in Seelampur. The father-son duo repaired electrical appliances. His son helped him to run the store. After his son died, Gangaram was left devastated. His wife also passed away leaving him all alone. At that point in time, his goal became clearer. The resolute father didn’t want anyone else to meet the same fate as his son.

gangaram delhi traffic
Picture Credits: jagran.com

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So for the past 32 years, he selflessly managed traffic at the Seelampur red light. He was dressed in a torn, shabby attire with a stick in hand. And he worked tirelessly from 9 am to 10 pm, every single day of the week, without any pay. In fact, few people even offered to get him new clothes. But he rejected their gifts.gangaram delhi traffic

Delhi Traffic Police Officially Appointed Gangaram As A Traffic Sentinel In 2018

Over the years, his work was recognised. He received many medals and honours from the police and other social organisations on January 26 and August 15 every year. The police even gifted him a new mobile phone to thank him for his for selfless services. And on 2018, Delhi Traffic Police officially appointed Gangaram as a traffic sentinel in 2018.  Today, he proudly dons a traffic police uniform and earns a salary for his services.

gangaram delhi traffic
Picture Credits: thebetterindia.com

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Even the coronavirus pandemic didn’t stop Gangaram from performing his duty. The 72-year old man stayed true to his job despite the health risk and worked tirelessly at the Seelampur red light. And this is even after the government advised senior citizens to stay put inside their homes. What started as a personal tragedy has become a goal bigger than life itself for Gangaram. And we salute this man for his tireless services, sacrifices, selflessness and contributions to the society. For another inspiring story, watch this video of 76-year old Sardarji Omelette Wala.