Man Rants About Foreigner Teaching How To Eat Rice; Says, “Don’t Teach Indians How To Eat Rice”

by Shreya Ghosh
Man Rants About Foreigner Teaching How To Eat Rice; Says, “Don’t Teach Indians How To Eat Rice”

Social media platforms are full of videos teaching us the correct way to do different things. Be it tutorials for doing a makeup look or for learning how to cook, you will get solutions to all such questions on different video-sharing platforms. Many creators often post about eating different dishes in the correct way on Instagram and TikTok these days. A creator from India reacted to one such video of a foreigner teaching Netizens how to eat rice.

Indian Man Reacted To A Video Of A Foreigner Showing How To Eat Rice

Taking to Instagram, Vividh 2.0 (@thekurtaguy) reacted to the rice-eating video and shared his reactions to it. The Kurta Guy is massively popular among Netizens for his real and epic take on people butchering the usual way of eating Indian dishes. This time, he shared his thoughts on a video of a foreign woman showing us an unusual way of eating rice.


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The video starts with a woman teaching some tips and tricks to follow to plate rice in a unique way. Showing a clip of putting rice on a plate, she added, “Don’t eat your rice like this”. In the next clip, she shared a hack to add different cups and plates and added, “Instead eat your rice like this”.

For the hack, she took a huge cup and a small cup. Inside the bigger cup, she put the smaller one in the centre and stuffed the rest of the part of the cup with rice. Then she flipped it, removed the cups, and transferred the shaped rice to a plate. Lastly, she added a curry dish in the hollow section of the shaped rice on the plate and called it restaurant-style.

The Kurta Guy has reacted to this unfamiliar way of eating rice and pointed out how this process requires the use of many cups and plates. It is indeed a task to wash all those utensils after eating a plate of rice. The creator hilariously added how we will get Mom’s chappals if we follow this process in India. He also shared how he loves eating rice, sambar, aloo, papad, and all other dishes on the same plate.

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Netizens Are Agreeing With The Kurta Guy Totally!

Eat Rice
Picture credit- Instagram/ Vividh 2.0 (@thekurtaguy)

Not only the creator but Instagrammers are also not happy seeing this way of eating rice and using so many cups and plates to make it look restaurant-style. They are all in favour of eating rice the usual way, simply by putting all types of dishes and rice on the same plate.

An Instagrammer commented, “Don’t teach south Indians to eat rice😂”. A comment read, “This is like teaching kungfu to Brucee Lee😂😂😂😂😂”. Someone wrote, “This is the tactics to make your dish seems rich for more amount😂”. Another user commented, “Whoever it can, but I’m not washing those dishes even if the world ends 😂”.

Netizens are not only going ROFL seeing this fun reaction video, but they are also talking about the way they prefer to eat rice. Some are even sharing their love for eating food on banana leaves.

Someone commented, “Eat everything separately ❌
Mix everything together and make a completely new dish called dalricealoowetpapadpicklecurdrice 👍”
Another comment read, “Rice on plate is ok but rice on banana leaf is emotion ❤️”.

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What do you think about the restaurant-style eating way shared by the foreigner? Do you like to eat rice normally on a plate with all other dishes or would you like to give the much-talked-about way a try?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Vividh 2.0 (@thekurtaguy)

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