Man Spots ‘Mermaid’ Swimming In The Floodwaters Of Glasgow; Pictures Viral

by Sanjana Shenoy
Man Spots ‘Mermaid’ Swimming In The Floodwaters Of Glasgow; Pictures Viral

Hazaribagh in Jharkhand became famous overnight after a mysterious alien was spotted walking on the bridge by onlookers. The pictures went viral on the internet as people tried to decipher the unusual-looking creature, wondering if it was a man in a costume or some creature from outer space. And now, a resident of Glasgow spotted a mermaid swimming in the floodwaters. Unable to comprehend what he just saw, the man shared a picture on social media. Here’s everything about it.

Mermaid Spotted In Scotland’s Glasgow

Glasgow in Scotland witnessed flash floods as drainage systems were overcome by relentless showers throughout the weekend. According to the Mirror, one stranded man, Gavin Millar peeked from the top floor of his apartment to witness a woman sporting a large neon mermaid’s tail while trying to swim across the submerged street. He was utterly shocked to witness this unbelievable sight. Upon closer inspection Gavin realised that she wasn’t a real mermaid but a woman dressed in a fancy mermaid costume, making the most of the flooded conditions.

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Floods Ravage Glasgow Streets As Drainage System Struggles To Cope

As she tried swimming across the flooded street, her attempts to negotiate the water route seemed unsuccessful. Most of Glasgow’s 600,000 and motorists struggled to navigate through similar conditions for hours. The streets across were straddled with torrential downpours as drainage systems struggled to cope. Gavin Millar who snapped the photos of the mermaid lady said that he lives on the top floor in a flat and was unable to leave. The Met Office put most of Scotland on a yellow weather warning for thunderstorms.