Man Stays In Mumbai Hotel For 8 Months; Escapes Without Paying ₹25 Lakh Bill

by Sanjana Shenoy
Man Stays In Mumbai Hotel For 8 Months; Escapes Without Paying ₹25 Lakh Bill

In a bizarre incident, a 43-year-old man who stayed in a Mumbai hotel for 8 months, escaped without paying a whopping ₹25 lakh bill. The man, Murli Kamat, a resident of Andheri occupied two hotel rooms at ‘Hotel Three-Star’ in Kharghar. So, why did he stay at the hotel room for 8 long months, and how did he get away with it? Well, read on to find out.

Man Flees From Mumbai Hotel Without Paying ₹25 Lakh Bill

43-year-old Murli Kamat, checked into ‘Hotel Three-Star’ in Kharghar with his 12-year-old son on November 23 last year. He informed the staff that he works as an animation VFX programmer in the film industry. So, he checked into two rooms. The first was for conducting meetings and the second was for personal use. According to The Times of India report, he gave assurance about paying a deposit after one month. As collateral, he submitted his passport. Murli Kamat and his son stayed at the hotel for 8 long months.

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He Left His Laptop & Mobile At The Room

Until May this year, Murli Kamat didn’t pay any money. And on July 17, the hotel staff discovered that Murli Kamat and his son fled through the bathroom window. The man left his laptop and mobile phone in the room. He fled without paying the hotel after racking a bill of a whopping ₹25 lakhs. ‘Hotel Three-Star’ lodged a police complaint against Murli Kamat. Well, this is certainly a situation for the hotel. After all the hotel industry has been facing severe losses due to the coronavirus induced lockdown. Meanwhile, earn a free stay at any of these 6 hotels across the world.