Mangaluru Has Karnataka’s First Eco Friendly House Made Of 1500 Kg Of Recycled Plastic

plastic house mangaluru
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy1650

Karnataka has some of the most interesting houses in India. A few months back, a photographer from Belgaum built a stunning camera-shaped house. And now, a waste collector from Mangaluru built the state’s first-ever eco-friendly house. And it’s built from over 1500 kg of recycled plastic. This house made of hard to recycle plastic shall combat the menacing problem of plastic pollution in the country. Read on to know more about this amazing innovation.

Waste Collector Builds House In Mangaluru Made Of Recycled Plastic

India, a country where over 1 lakh km of road is built from plastic waste, it’s really marvellous that there’s now an entire home built out of recycled plastic waste. According to a Deccan Herald report, a waste collector along with Plastics For Change India Foundation built a house in Mangaluru made entirely of recycled plastic. Situated in Pacchanady. this house costs  ₹4.5 lakhs. Interestingly, this is way less than what a regular house would cost. So, this first of a kind home in Karnataka saves not just your money, but the environment too. 

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plastic house mangaluru

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This house has around 60 panels made of plastic waste. And each panel is made from 25kg of plastic. Plastics For Change India Foundation’s Chief Impact Officer Shifrah Jacobs spoke to Deccan Herald. She stated to the news agency that it’s Karnataka’s first environmentally friendly recycled plastic house. Jacobs also mentioned that they conducted the durability test for the construction material before building this house. Plastics For Change India Foundation plans to build 20 such similar houses using up to 20 tonnes of plastic waste.

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plastic house mangaluru

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Plastic House Saves Money & The Environment

Shifrah stated to Deccan Herald, “In the second phase, we are planning to come up with 20 such houses and more than 20 tonnes of plastic will be utilised. This can be used for multiple applications, including construction of toilets.”  Plastics For Change India Foundation built this house for Kamala, one of the beneficiaries. The foundation continues to work with communities nestled in Kurikatta and Pacchanady in Mangaluru. These houses will improve the lifestyle or waste collectors in the state and also set a new norm in the housing industry. Meanwhile, check out Bengaluru’s first-ever zero-waste juice bar. 

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