Marine Commando And 26/11 Hero Auctions Marathon Medals To Raise Funds For Fight Against COVID-19

by Gizel Menezes
Marine Commando And 26/11 Hero Auctions Marathon Medals To Raise Funds For Fight Against COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted several acts of kindness across the world that are truly inspiring and encouraging in these difficult times! People are doing whatever it takes to help those on the margins live a decent life, absolutely affirming our faith in humanity.

With the same sentiment, a marine commando, injured during the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks, is auctioning his marathon medals to raise funds for the battle against COVID-19.

Praveen Teotia Was Terribly Injured During The 26/11 Attacks In Mumbai

Part of the Indian Navy’s MARCOS marine commandos, Praveen Teotia was involved in ‘Operation Black Tornado’ at Mumbai’s Taj Hotel in 2008. He was terribly injured and suffered four bullets to his chest, damaged the right part of his chest and left ear during the operation.

Having undergone 5 surgeries for the same, his hearing was still partially impaired. Unable to return to his former duty, he was given a desk job. But the winner at life that he is, Teotia began participating in marathon events across the world.

The Shaurya Chakra awardee has won many medals during the course of his life. Out of which, he wishes to donate 40 of them as part of his initiative to raise funds for PM-CARES. Having sold two of them, he has already deposited a sum of 2 lakh to the relief fund.

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Image Courtesy: Praveen Teotia Twitter

The First Differently-Abled Ironman of India Is Still Performing His Duty By Giving Back In Times Of Crisis

The motivation to auction his hard-earned medals has come from his former profession. He says, “As a former soldier, I have always been taught to give back to my country. Since I am neither a doctor nor a medic this is the only way I can offer my services to the country in this moment of crisis.”

In the past 12 years, Teotia has completed nearly two dozen marathons. He has also participated in the highest marathon in the world, the 72 km-long ‘Khardung La Challenge’ in Ladakh. Apart from this, he is also a two-time Ironman. His name features in the Limca Book Records as the ‘first differently-abled Ironman of India’.

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