Mitti Ke Bartan? Here’s Why You Should Cook Food In Traditional Handis

by Vinita Jain
Mitti Ke Bartan? Here’s Why You Should Cook Food In Traditional Handis

Mitti ke Bartan ( clay pots) has always been a staple in Indian households. But with the availability of different types of steel utensils, clay pots are rarely used today. In this day and age, we use all kinds of cookware, from glass to aluminum, non-stick to cast iron. All these utensils used for cooking do not have the advantages that ‘mitti ke bartan’ has.

However, not many people like to cook with them because the food takes more time to cook. But the slow cooking process has many advantages too. Take a look at some of the advantages of cooking in earthenware.

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No Requirement Of Reheating Your Food

Mitti ke bartan has thousands of tiny pores which make them porous. If you thought that earthenware pots would break under high heat, you are totally wrong. It can also keep food warm for a long time. In fact, the food temperature remains constant, which means there is no need to even reheat your food.

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Cooking In Clay Pots Helps You Digest Food Better

Mitti ke bartan
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The clay used to make earthenware is alkaline in nature. So, it interacts with the acidity of food to neutralize pH. Thus, making food more digestible and enhancing nutrients. Hence they improve the digestion process of an individual.

Certain Kind Of ‘Mitti Ke Bartan’ Can Also Be Used In Microwaves

Mitti ke bartan
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You might believe that earthenware cannot be used in microwaves. It may surprise you, but most pottery is safe to use in the microwave. Unlike plastic, microwave clay pots do not release harmful gases when exposed to high temperatures.

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However, solid clay pots are difficult to obtain because they are glazed. But there are various websites that microwavable mitti ke bartan. Overall, cooking food in ‘mitti ke bartan’ can be a little tricky, but once you have these pots, there’s no going back.

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