Mumbai’s Jio World To Get World’s Largest Passenger Elevator

by Sanmita A
Mumbai’s Jio World To Get World’s Largest Passenger Elevator

When we think of the Jio World Centre in Mumbai, all that comes to mind is the word ‘limitless’, striking, vast and everything larger than life itself. Well, the Jio World Centre has once again raised its bars. They are introducing the World’s Largest Passenger Elevator on its premises. Mind-blowing right? And yes, in Mumbai, not elsewhere.

Why Must You Visit The Jio World Centre?

The World’s Largest Passenger Elevator is 16 tonnes with five stops. It covers a floor area of 25.78 sq. metres. Additionally, it is fast and travels at 1 metre per second. It has a distinguished glass wall with a four-panel glass door. Needless to say, the elevator has been exquisitely designed with elegant side panels and even display screenUnique features include a glass wall and a 4-panel centre opening glass door. With a fabulous finish, the elevator has tastefully done interiors. It has elegant panels and two display screens.

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What More?

Well, you can have a glance of the expansive world at Jio World Centre while in the elevator. Jio World has truly become India’s new destination in the heart of Mumbai creating experiences for its visitors which are up above the world class levels. Additionally, Kone India is responsible for bringing this innovative and new addition to the Jio World Centre.

Last year, Mumbai also had its First Musical Fountain which literally awed the visitors. And we won’t be surprised if Jio World Centre keeps adding firsts to its list of wonders. They have definitely kept Mumbaikars on the edge of their seats when it comes to proving why Mumbai is what it is!


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