Nagpur Gets A World-Class Metro Station With Floating Slabs To Reduce Vibrations

by Tania Tarafdar

Nagpur recently got Zero Mile Freedom Park metro station and mind you it is not an ordinary metro station. It is a multi-storied commercial building with multi-level underground parking and a concourse level below the platform level. However, there are a lot more features that make this metro station extraordinary. Read on!

The Station Has Floating Slabs To Reduce Vibrations From Rolling Wheels

At Zero Mile station the track structure is coupled with the building structure which reduces the vibrations generated from the train rolling wheels. Because of the structure, it creates no rumbling noise or disturbance. To mitigate the vibration levels in the building, they have also installed floating track slabs on steel spring isolators.

The track structure at Zero Mile station has a floating track slab 30 mm above the station slab and is supported on 176 chrome alloyed steel spring system isolators. This type of floating track slab has been installed for the first time in the Indian metro railway system. What’s more, the slab is a maintenance-free system and with a design life of 75 years. Nagpur Railway Station To Give Passengers Spit Pouches For Spitting To Maintain Hygiene.

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The Station Has A Gorgeous Public Park

Additionally, about 40,000 square feet of the area has been converted into a public park. The aesthetically designed park has urban public plazas with a History Wall, War Trophy – T55 Battle Tank, totem poles, and ornamental plaza entrance areas. The premises of the station is constructed on the lines of traditional Rajput architecture with a ‘chhatri’, ‘torana’, ‘jaali’, motifs on columns and brackets.

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Do not miss out on this on your next trip to Nagpur.