New Delhi Railway Station To Get Swanky Makeover Costing ₹50 Billion

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 705

Delhiites! New Delhi Railway Station is all to get a swanky makeover like never before. It will be your chance to witness the regular railway station get a back to the future upgrade with dome-shaped terminal buildings, high rise twin towers, pedestrian boulevard and high street shops. Railway Minister Piyush Goyal shared few stunning pictures of the new designs prepared for the upcoming railway station.  In Mumbai, CSMT railway station will soon get its first restaurant on wheels. Read on to know more.

New Delhi Railway Station To Get Swanky Makeover

Situated bang in the centre of New Delhi, near the commercial hub of Connaught Place, New Delhi Railway Station will get a breathtaking makeover. In the next four years, the renovation project will witness the involvement of investors and developers from across the world. Costing a whopping ₹50 billion for its development. this project involves building railway offices, new terminal building, railway quarters, commercial office space, residential space and even hotels.

delhi railway station makeover

Picture Credits: Twitter/ Piyush Goyal

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The Project To Include High Rise Twin Towers, Hotels & High Street Shops

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal piqued the internet’s interest by tweeting pictures of the new designs planned for the railway station.  The New Delhi Railway Station will have dome-shaped terminal buildings, two arrival and departure gates at the concourse level, pedestrian boulevard, high street shops, 2 multi-modal transport hubs and 40-floor high rise twin towers. The area required for the project is estimated to be around 120 hectares, out of which 88 hectares is planned for the first phase.

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Nestled between Paharganj and Ajmer Gate, this railway station is India’s most significant and busiest railway station in terms of passenger traffic and train frequency. With 16 platforms it has the record for the largest interlocking system in the world. Opened in 1926, New Delhi Railway Station witness around 5.2 lakh passengers every day arriving and departing in over 250 trains. Here’s a fun video to take you to the streets of Delhi for a great breakfast. 

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