North Korea Orders Citizens To Give Pet Dogs To Restaurants To Curb Meat Shortage

by Suchismita Pal
North Korea Orders Citizens To Give Pet Dogs To Restaurants To Curb Meat Shortage

Here’s a piece of news that might stir sadness among many dog lovers. As per reports, Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, has ordered citizens to give up their pet dogs to make up for the meat shortage in the country amid the COVID-19 pandemic. At present, North Korea is facing a huge shortage of food supplies. According to The Mirror, Jong-un has identified owning pet dogs as a symbol of ‘capitalism’ and ‘bourgeois ideology.’ He has mentioned that ordinary people raise livestock and cattle, and it is only the elite people who raise pet dogs. China too had begun the annual dog-meat fair despite the COVID-19 scare.

People In North Korea Ordered To Sacrifice Their Pet Dogs To Make Up For Food Shortage

Korea doesn’t seem to be a happy place for the people who adore dogs. There were ample instances since the 1980s when the country had banned the concept of having pet dogs. In North Korea, dogs are associated with capitalism. Kim Jong-un too has prohibited pet ownership, terming it as a symbol of ‘western decadence’. Instead, he wants the canines to be converted to meat for restaurants to cater to the shortage of food supply. According to a report by South China Morning Post, North Korea had ordered its people to sacrifice the fur of their dogs in 2018, ahead of the Party Foundation Day. People refusing to do it would have to pay US $148 ( ₹11116.68) worth of rice to the state. Meanwhile, Bangalore-based software engineer, Rakesh Shukla, had sold off his house to feed stray dogs.

North Korea Pet Dogs
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North Korea Is Facing Drastic Economic Hardship Amid The Pandemic

A report by Made for Minds on North Korea’s economy stated, ” Widespread food shortages prevail in North Korea, say United Nations experts, compounded by a sharp dip in trade with friendly neighbour China owing to the coronavirus.” Elisabeth Byrs, spokesperson from the UN World Food Program (WFP) told media that nearly 40 percent of the Korean population (that accounts to around 10 million people) suffered from malnutrition. She added, “Long-term damage to the health and development of children as well as pregnant and nursing mothers, was evident.” In the wake of the crisis, Jong-un feels that owning pet dogs is a sign of luxury, which is unfair to the needy people of society.

North Korea Pet Dogs
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We hope that the pandemic ends soon so that we can get back to our normal routines all over again. For now, here’s a story about an epic journey with two dogs: