Not Mumbai Or Bangalore, London Has The Worst Traffic Congestion In The World

by Sanmita A
Not Mumbai Or Bangalore, London Has The Worst Traffic Congestion In The World

Folks from Mumbai and Bangalore talk about their traffic woes daily. One gets stuck in the traffic for hours and hours altogether. Some believe half their lifetimes are spent sitting through terrible traffic in these cities. But, while you must be thinking that Mumbai and Bangalore have the worst traffic in the world, data revealed that London tops in having the worst traffic in the whole world. And believe it or not, in 2021, Londoners lost 148 hours stuck in the traffic.

According to data that records the trends in 1,000 cities in 50 countries, London drivers spend the longest time stuck on the roads in the whole world. Also, cities like Paris, Brussels, and Moscow record lousy congestion. After London, Cambridge, Exeter, Cheltenham, and Bristol have badly congested roads.

Bangalore Traffic Reduced

Reports suggest that Bangalore saw a decline in traffic congestion in 2021. Hard to believe, right? This report recorded the congestion from around 404 cities across the world, wherein Bangalore saw a decrease.

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Mumbai Traffic

Sadly, Mumbai traffic saw no change in the congestion level. But, if compared to the pre-pandemic times, hours lost while stuck in the traffic were less. Well, the world has changed massively after the pandemic. And according to a media report, Mumbai has slipped into the 5th position of having the worst traffic. But, despite a drop in congestion levels, four cities from India featured in a report, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and New Delhi.

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It isn’t surprising that most Indian cities come in the Top 50 lists during road congestion surveys. But we could take a moment and stay relieved that we’re not stuck in traffic in London. Well, we can only imagine how stressful it would be to drive in London. And we are sure Mumbaikars and Bangaloreans would agree with this too.

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