Passengers Who Ask For Drinking Water Labelled ‘Cheap’ By Crew: Flight Attendant

by Shreya Ghosh
Passengers Who Ask For Drinking Water Labelled ‘Cheap’ By Crew: Flight Attendant

You might think it is very usual to request water from a flight attendant while travelling on a plane, but surprisingly the crew does not think of it the same way. Some cabin crew members revealed recently that they do not really like and appreciate this behaviour of flyers asking them to fill their water bottles. They discussed a lot about this recently on Reddit and expressed their opinions and thoughts on this.

Passengers Who Ask For Drinking Water Labelled ‘Cheap’ By Crew: Flight Attendant

Replying to a post on Reddit, the flight attendants shared how much they dislike when flyers ask them to refill their water bottles. They shared that people often ask them to fill their personal water bottles inside a flight and this personal demand is increasing. This is becoming very usual and they find it very annoying. Every flight has a limited amount of edible water and people who still ask to refill bottles, a flight attendant called them cheap and selfish.

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Cabin Crew Is Furious On Such Flyers!

Cabin crew members shared that their biggest pet peeve while flying is the passengers asking them to refill their personal water bottles. A flight attendant shared that she often gives a cup of water to the passengers who asked and then they can pour it into their bottle themselves. She also tells them that if she has extra water after she is done with her services, she can provide them with more water. The flight attendant shared that such behaviour of the flyers is very selfish and cheap. They try to manage with whatever amount is left inside the flight but some passengers always want more.

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Another crew member shared that she gives out mini water bottles whenever she has those on the flight. Another crew member responded that she fills the bottle halfway and tells the flyers that she will need water for others on the flight as well.

The next time you are flying, make sure to fill your water bottle before boarding the flight if you don’t want to get judged by any flight attendant. There are many water fountains near the bathrooms and water bottle filling stations all around. You can easily fill your bottle there before boarding the flight.