Pet Dog Wins Hearts Of Pilots On Plane; Poses For Selfie In Cockpit

by Sanmita A
Pet Dog Wins Hearts Of Pilots On Plane; Poses For Selfie In Cockpit

It has hardly happened in Indian flights that one has comes across cute pet dogs or cats travelling with their owners. However, in some countries, there are people who can travel with their pets on flights. And, one such video has caught our attention. Honestly, we are so mesmerised with this cute dog’s account and all that happened while he was flying with his owner. Read on to know how this dog impressed the pilots in the plane and even posed for selfies.

Pet Dog Impresses People On The Plane

This breed of dog known as Great Pyrenees dog is known for its gentle nature and the way it connects with humans. You could even call these as gentle giants – and it won’t be wrong. This particular dog, was travelling in a flights when it caught the attention of the pilots and even went ahead to pose with them in the cockpit. From what it looks like, this pet dog is a frequent traveller and loves interacting with others. Here is a recent video of Ritchie on the plane –


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Flight Delayed, But Passengers Seemed Okay!

Ritchie’s entry to the flight led to a slight delay, but from what it looks like people seemed to be okay with it. The passengers were patient with Ritchie’s mega entrance, his paparazzi moments and even waited for him to settle down, eventually before the flight took off. The netizens too, seemed okay with such particular kind of delays. The pilot, seemed all smitten by Ritchie’s entrance and even made him wear his pilot hat.

From the comments we could make out, that some people were totally fine with such kind of travels where they have a cute dog accompanying them. A few wrote,

Ritchie was the highlight of the flight! 😍

Best flight delay ever

I would love if I had a dog like that on my flight 😍😍😍

I’m okay with this kind of delay 😂

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