Photo Of A Burger Resembling Comedian Steve Harvey Goes Viral; Netizens Can’t Unsee It Now

by Shreya Shriyan
Photo Of A Burger Resembling Comedian Steve Harvey Goes Viral; Netizens Can’t Unsee It Now

In the fascinating world of food, some dishes surprisingly resemble famous celebrities. Imagine a pasta carbonara with the charm of a Bollywood heartthrob or a fruit salad with the style of a pop icon. And now, we have a burger that looks like Steve Harvey. No, we’re not joking. Check this out. 

Photo Of Steve Harvey’s Burger Look-Alike Goes Viral

Twitter is going wild over a burger post due to its bizarre similarity to beloved comedian Steve Harvey. The Internet claims the burger looks just like him, sparking amusement and curiosity all around. Netizens are buzzing with excitement about this unexpected and uncanny resemblance. 

In the viral tweet, the user @KNTYfemme shared a picture of her burger, and it immediately caught everyone’s attention. Between the two buns sat a juicy patty, topped with big, juicy slices of raw onions. 

And folks, It’s true! The resemblance was unreal and it looked just like Steve Harvey’s infectious smile, the user felt. Amused by this uncanny similarity, she wondered in the caption why she was given such generous onion slices. She also playfully declared, “My burger looks like Steve Harvey!”

Twitter users had a lot of reactions, but mainly, almost everyone could see it! The internet couldn’t resist the hilarity of the comparison, and the post rapidly became a hit, spreading smiles and laughter all around.

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Twitteratis Couldn’t “Unsee” The Comedian’s Face

While some were amazed at themselves for being able to see it, one user commented saying how there was no way to unsee it now. Another user said how even before reading the tweet, they saw the juicy burgery “smiling”. 

Oh! And the best part? The viral tweet even reached the burger, oh sorry, we mean comedian, Steve Harvey himself! And of course, he couldn’t help but agree either. Well, he didn’t say the words “I agree”, but his laughing emojis definitely sent the message across. 

He shared the photo of his burger look alike and captioned it asking NOT to be sent that image. 

The burger’s striking resemblance to Steve Harvey delighted the Internet, bringing joy and amusement to social media. People laughed together as they shared the post, reminding everyone how humour can unite us. 

This viral moment showed how lightheartedness can create a sense of community, even online. With smiles and laughter spreading through the virtual world, this burger’s unexpected celebrity look-alike left a lasting impact. 

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A testament to the magic of spontaneity and finding happiness in unexpected places.

Cover image courtesy: Steve Harvey’s Instagram and Sagittarius Groove’s Twitter/ @iamsteveharveytv & @KNTYfemme