Planning To Rent A Home In Abu Dhabi? Here’s Everything To Know!

by Deeplata Garde
Planning To Rent A Home In Abu Dhabi? Here’s Everything To Know!

Renting in UAE seems difficult but isnt. Having a home on your name doesn’t necessarily mean you have to own something expensive. The property can be short-time or long-term house. In order to obtain the facts on the current rental market, as well as the best value regions to consider for the upcoming year, we consulted with specialists from prominent real estate firms in Abu Dhabi.

The Condition Of The Rental Market In Abu Dhabi

We don’t have to tell you how chaotic last year was. And the rental market reflected that, while it really benefited people who were renting in Abu Dhabi. Rents decreased, and there were some excellent bargains available. In fact, market costs for apartments in 2020 decreased by 2.2 per cent and those for villas by 2 per cent.

However, after a year, things are beginning to settle down. This means a lot of people are now debating when the best moment would be to move.

It’s intriguing that the brief real estate market isn’t in such high demand in the capital. Unlike its sister Dubai up the road, which is experiencing an increase in short-term rental costs due to Expo 2020 Dubai. This gives tenants who’re not sure where they want to leave quickly another alternative.

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Cancelling Residence Visa Before Moving Out Of UAE

You must temporarily hand over your passport to your employer if your work agreement is set to expire for them to terminate your residence visa.

This is a crucial step to prevent departure delays or save oneself from needless hassles. When your contract or visa is cancelled, you may ask your employer for income and any possible gratuities.

According to UAE labour legislation, you must provide the required notice if you’re terminating your job. When the contract is concluded, return all official papers and medical cards.

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