PM Narendra Modi Shares An Interesting Thread On Bengaluru & Its Trees

by Shreya Ghosh
PM Narendra Modi Shares An Interesting Thread On Bengaluru & Its Trees

India is home to impeccably picturesque natural beauty. While some are explored by tourists and visitors all around the year, many places are still offbeat and unexplored. Different destinations get decked up in nature’s aura and charm at different seasons of the year. And this time, Bengaluru surprised Bengalurueans and Netizens from all around India with the prettiest cherry blossoms. This South Indian city has a stunningly diverse collection of trees and the pictures are amusing Twitterati. Even PM Narendra Modi appreciated the city’s natural magnificence.

Narendra Modi Urges Tweeple To Share Pictures Of Natural Beauty Of Their Towns & Cities

Prime Minister Modi Ji shared an amazing thread on Bengaluru by another Twitter user named Subhashini Chandramani. The thread is all about the beautiful trees and flowers of this city. He also talked about the bond shared by the city with nature “including trees and lakes”. Here’s what he has to say!

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This Thread Of Flowers & Trees Of Bengaluru Will Make Your Day!

A Twitter user named Subhashini Chandramani who goes by the username @Neelavanam shared some unbelievable pictures of beautiful flowers and trees on her account. For the past few days, we have been hearing about the magnificence of cherry blossoms in Bengaluru. Thanks to Subhashini Chandramani, we can now virtually see the natural beauty of this city.

Subhashini Chandramani shared how “Bengaluru has a diverse collection of trees that bloom all year”. She shared a great fact about the floral symphony of this city. While planning the city, the plants and trees were chosen in a way that when one tree stops blooming, another tree takes its place.

Not just seasonal flowers, this city also witnesses perennial flowers decking up the places throughout the year.

The much-talked-about cherry blossoms of Bengaluru are the pink Tabebuia Rosea flowers.

Another one of Bengaluru’s most loved flowers is the yellow Tabebuia Argentea. Another star of the show!

The city is also home to flowers of Mahogany, Mango, Neem, Honge mara, False Ashoka Tree, Jarul, and Octopus tree.

To know more about the diversity and variety of flowers and trees in the city, read this brilliant Twitter thread.

These Photos Are Alluring!

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So, Bengalurueans, how many of these flowers and trees have you seen in the city?

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Subhashini Chandramani (@Neelavanam)