7 Prettiest Towns In Northeast India That Seem Straight Out Of Fairy Tale

by Sanjana Shenoy
7 Prettiest Towns In Northeast India That Seem Straight Out Of Fairy Tale

Fairy tales expose you to a world like no other. Charming cute houses on the slopes of meadows, vibrant flowers embracing the soft green grass, a rainbow tickles the sky with all its seven shades and happy people do happier things. You might think that your dreams are often much more beautiful than reality. But walk into a hidden waterfall tucked away into the thickets, splash into the waters as the sun warms your back, and the water soaks away all your stresses, and you’d know that fairytales exist, right in the middle of nature. So, to get a sneak peek into your happily ever after kinda place, here are the 7 prettiest towns in the Northeast that seem right out of a fairy tale.

1. Dzukou Valley In Nagaland

This dreamland is nestled 2452 m above sea level in Nagaland. And Dzukou Valley just one of the state’s unaccountable picturesque locations. The beauty of this valley doesn’t just lie in the eyes of the beholder, but instead in the endless greenery and clear blue sky, the rolling meadows that divide Manipur and Nagaland. Walk into the valley during its flowering season, and your heart would instantly melt into the countless flowers that bloom in their full glory. Get lost in the serenity of this place, in the blanket full of flowers and utter beauty.

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2. Zuluk Village In Sikkim

Earlier in the day, Zuluk Village in Sikkim served as the gateway to the Silk Route from Tibet to India. Zuluk offers you stunning views of the entire Kanchenjunga range. It’s slowly becoming a sought after hill station in the Northeast, thanks to the picturesque mountains, virgin forests and abundance of flora and fauna. Infact it’s not uncommon to sight deer, wild dog, red panda or the Himalayan bear here.

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3. Sivasagar In Assam

History enthusiasts will totally freak out in Sivasagar in Assam. Housing a large number of sightseeing spots like the Ahom Museum, Anadaram Baruah Park, and Shiva Temple, this gorgeous town has immense historical importance. Infact it also has Rang Ghar, one of the oldest surviving amphitheatres in Asia. The region gets its name from the majestic Sivasagar Lake, nestled in the heart of the city, commissioned by the Ahom king Siva Singha. A trip here must adorn your literary.

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4. Laitlum In Meghalaya

Lush green meadows, mesmerising valleys and blooming orchids welcome you to Laitlum in Meghalaya. This tiny little village nestled by the East Khasi Hills district, offer you a panoramic view of the capital city of Shillong. The green carpeted surface, bamboo plants and the soft fog, surrounding you makes this cloudy abode, worth visiting for every traveller, seeking peace and serenity. Our Chief Editor, Kamiya Jani visited Meghalaya, and here’s a video of her incredible experience. 

5. Roing In Arunachal Pradesh 

Arunachal Pradesh’s Roing is a hidden gem in the North East. Known for its placid lakes, archaeological sites, gushing waterfalls and snow-capped mountains, if you want to see a fairytale come to life, then this is the place to be. Adi-Padam and Idu-Mishmi Tribes inhabit this region. Roing happily welcomes adventure enthusiasts who want to go for an adrenaline-pumping experience of angling, rafting, and rock climbing. Nature lovers must visit sightseeing spots like  Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary, Bhismaknagar Fort, Deopani River and Mehao Lake here.

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6. Mon In Nagaland

Mon is one of the most interesting villages you’d find in Nagaland. Home to the Konyak Nagas, a famous headhunting tribe in Nagaland who are friendly and welcoming people. Some of the people of this tribe have tattooed face and blackened teeth. The town of Mon houses around 131 villages. Apart from this, the scenic paradise has a lot of fascinating stories of their ancestors and lifestyle, that you might pretty much end up writing a book about them. Mon is best known for its raw natural beauty that beckons adventurers.

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7. Andro In Manipur

A charming hamlet in Manipur, Andro prides itself in its iconic pottery culture. This authentic Manipuri village is also famous for the Doll House, which houses over 29 different types of dolls that represent a cross-cultural mix of Manipuri tribes. Over the years, the residents of Andro have developed a sustainable tourism model, where the pristine beauty of the town is preserved and eco-tourism aspects are encouraged. There’s a lot of beauty, mystery and cultural richness that you can engulf yourself in here.

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These 7 fairytale-like towns of the Northeast hold aeons of history, culture and natural beauty in their surroundings. Dive into these places, create abundant memories, and watch your fairytales turn alive in these magnificent places.